This is the best we can get?

So Barack Obama meets yesterday with — by my count — at least four of the people sounding the alarm about the national debt in our coming-next-month documentary I.O.U.S.A., on the very day the White House fesses up that the 2009 budget deficit will balloon to $482 billion, and this is the best we can get from him afterward?

"Today's news makes that job (of balancing the budget) harder, but should not change our resolve to make the tough decisions and the genuine effort to reach across the aisle."

Zero commitments, but lots of self-congratulation for bringing a couple of Republicans (including Bush 43's first Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill) into his gathering.

Not that the alleged party of fiscal conservatism has anything better to offer:

McCain countered with a reminder of his pledge to balance the budget by 2013, a promise that most analysts say is nearly impossible to keep without significant changes in Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, none of which McCain has proposed to do.

As I said yesterday, 8.21.08 couldn't be a more crucial time for the national rollout of I.O.U.S.A.  And judging by the tepid statements coming from both of the major-party presidential candidates, it's going to take crowds with pitchforks to get them to pay attention to our pending national bankruptcy.  So grab some tickets, tell some friends, and get yourself out to the showing on Thursday August 21 at a theater near you.  The showing features a live-via-satellite Q&A afterward with Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson, an David Walker.  (Just plug in your ZIP code at this link, and a list of nearby theaters will show up.)  A big turnout will assure a wider theatrical release… which means more people become aware… which means the politicians might listen up as Election Day approaches.  Really, what's to lose?  

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