The real budget deficit: $4.6 trillion

Updated with 2006 figures:  Economist John Williams is out with his 2006 estimate of the true federal budget deficit.  While the media reports the figure of $247.7 billion (a phony-baloney figure that if used by any accountant in private business would result in fines and prison time) and you get a figure of $449.5 billion if you use generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Williams throws in the ongoing liabilites from Social Security, Medicare, etc.

The real budget deficit by this measure is $4.6 trillion.

Williams warns at his ShadowStats website:

…the unfolding fiscal nightmare likely will entail a U.S. hyperinflation and a resulting collapse in the value of the world's primary reserve currency, the dollar. When this starts to unravel it will unravel fast. I don't know whether it will be the dominant issue in the 2008 presidential election, but I believe it will be by 2012. 

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