The Most Evil Man in the World

“Absolutely disgraceful piece,” says one reader — Donald J. — not Donald J. Trump.

Donald refers to yesterday’s reckoning… in which we detailed the freshly deceased Hank Kissinger’s postmortem encounter with St. Peter.

That encounter concluded poorly for Mr. Kissinger. St. Peter denied him entry into Paradise.

And this — evidently — wrung Donald’s gizzard.

Donald does not inform us why our piece was absolutely disgraceful.

Perhaps because we deigned to divine St. Peter’s inscrutable judgment. And who are we to do it?

Or perhaps he believed old Hank Kissinger served the United States to high effect… and that he hung his adopted nation’s altar in glory.

Perhaps there is even justice here. Perhaps Mr. Kissinger did a fair measure of good for his country.

He was merely advancing his nation’s interests in a hopelessly fallen world of sin and iniquity.

If certain skulls got cracked in the pursuit of these interests, well, then certain skulls got cracked.

Do not forget that he was dealing with the Maos of this world. The Pol Pots of this world. The Castros of this world.

These were not men consecrated to peace. What was this fellow to do?

Turn his cheek to them, the other cheek — and let them batter it with their fists?

We hazard Mr. Kissinger “meant well.”

We cling to the belief that very few humans are evil by nature.

We believe most bear good intentions.

Yet as Mr. T.S. Eliot likely never stated:

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”

You are aware of the proverbial roadway to hell.

You are furthermore aware of the material that constitutes its pavement — good intentions.

We believe much of the world’s evils are executed by well-intentioned men.

These include the Robespierres of this world, the Hitlers of this world, the Stalins of this world, the Maos of this world.

They were animated not by evil but by what they considered good — the highest good.

Liberty, equality and fraternity… the salvation of German people… the good of the revolution.

They differ merely in the particulars.

Herr Hitler’s Wehrmacht sported belt buckles emblazoned with the phrase “Gott mit uns” — God is with us.

Let it go into the record: We do not sort Mr. Kissinger into this uniquely villainous category of men.

Yet the larger point, we believe, stands:

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”

Alas, this world is loaded to its crown with such people.

May the Lord deliver us from their evil…

Many champions of lockdowns, facial masking and vaccine mandates doubtlessly held good intentions.

They believed what the public health authorities told them.

Yet the practical results were — in many instances — evil.

The Daily Reckoning