The Future Home of Biotech?

American companies, which readers of Breakthrough Technology Alert own, have developed the technologies needed to deliver truly breakthrough medical therapies. For example, the implementation of advanced stem cell therapies is actually relatively simple. Unlike the incredibly expensive and technically precise processes involved in cloning, stem cell propagation and potentiation can be done in a well-equipped high school lab.

So what have we been waiting for? The answer is A) the will and B) permission. The will exists, but the permission, in America at least, has to come from the FDA — an organization that is, apparently, well-meaning, but actually behaves like a protection racket for the existing pharm industries.

Well, that doesn’t work anymore. We live in a new globalized world with instant communications, a relatively free flow of capital and high economic growth where it never existed before. You can’t stop the signal. You can’t stop technological and medical process, though you can drive them offshore.

China has capital, drive and no guilt at all about economic growth and the so-called ‘income disparity’ that is driving our current administration and crippling our economy. The Chinese are playing catch-up right now, furiously running to advance technologically and economically. Look for American biotechs to explore collaborations outside the U.S.

The Daily Reckoning