The DR 25 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

In the age of information overload you are both blessed and cursed with outlets to choose from news, literature, humor and fun.  

Here at the Daily Reckoning we believe in an information age mantra that “everyone knows everything… and almost no one knows anything.”

Twitter is a prime example of this. As a platform it opens up conversations like never before. However, it is easy to lose the forest for the trees.

So we have gone through the needle’s in the haystack, so you don’t have to.

Listed are 25 of the top people and accounts you should be following to make make sense of finance, markets, technology, mental modeling and global politics.

Daily Reckoning Affiliates

James Rickards, @JamesGRickards. Anyone interested in the future of money or financial policy should be following Jim. He is a U.S government advisor and all around financial superhero. Oh yeah, and he also likes Gold.

Nomi Prins, @NomiPrins. A former managing director on Wall Street that stepped away and is now a renowned journalist, author and historian. Expect history, opinion and world travels.

Michael Covel, @Covel. As a bestselling author that heads a groundbreaking podcast, he really gets to the heart of market trends. Follow for great insight and even better quotes.

Peter Coyne, @PetermCoyne. Publisher of The Daily Reckoning, he works with some of the most brilliant minds around the world. Always in search of the next big idea, tweets exceptional insight into the world of economic literature.

Greg Guenthner, @GregGuenthner. Managing editor of The Rude Awakening, Greg knows markets, tech and the ability to craft a brilliant “one liner” in far less than 140 characters.

People In The Know

Danielle DiMartino Booth, @DiMartinoBooth. She is the real deal. A former Fed insider that breaks down central bank talk into clear language. Is that possible in 140 characters – probably not? But she comes pretty close.

Tyler Cowen, @TylerCowen. Any good following needs an academic mind. Cowen is a professor of economics at George Mason and tweets all things macro with a variety of ethnic eats on the side.

Pedro da Costa, @Pdacosta. A seasoned reporter and current Editorial Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The ultimate GIF machine.

Glenn Greenwald, @Ggreenwald. The investigative journalist that was Snowden’s chosen reporter. Whether you agree with him or not, he runs a tight ship on Twitter. Often sets the record straight and is an undeniable force not to be ignored.

Ian Bremmer, @IanBremmer. He is the president and founder of Eurasia Group. A caption and comment in a tweet goes far, Brimmer has mastered this art in the most intellectual of ways.

Stacy Herbert, @StacyHerbert. Co-host of Max Keiser’s, The Keiser Report. She drops some serious knowledge and insights on finance, markets and more. In need of some snarky tweets? She has you covered.

Beyond The News

Zero Hedge, @ZeroHedge. An account that pushes the envelope for edge and humor. They provide a brilliant account of the global financial scene.

The Automatic Earth, @AutomaticEarth. All things history, news and visual. The Automatic Earth is where some of the topic economic minds go for finance and energy news.

Google Trends, @GoogleTrends. While it is the news à la carte, the account offers trending stories and visualizations from the Google news lab. An insightful opportunity to see what people are discussing online and in a creative and thought generating way.

Stratfor, @Stratfor. One of the leading intelligence firms, they produce top notch work that is read by key policy makers across the globe. The account is often a source for maps and regional infographics.

AntiWar, @antiwarcom. A U.S based independent feed focused on non-interventionism. 

Just For Fun

The Visual Capitalist, @VisualCap. A Canadian based outlet that knows how to visually display trends in business and investing. Think “brain candy,” but for your eyes.

Rudolf E. Havenstein, @RudyHavenstein. Can only be described as funny, yet true. Remarkably candid, the world is not big enough for this account.

StockCats, @StockCats. Witty, market focused and pushing through the news with an upper hand in humor. A good source for sarcasm in venn diagram form.    

Wu Tang Financial, @Wu_Tang_Finance. In terms of parody accounts, this one is in a class of its own. Cash really does rule everything around them. #DiversifyYoBonds

The Federal Reserve, @FederalReserve. Just kidding. But if you are looking for a good laugh, they have you covered. Hey, they are so hip that they follow “Monte” the squirrel. Wonder who signed off on that nutty idea?

Technology And Thought

Singularity Hub, @SingularityHub. A chronicle of science, technology & the future. They cover the cutting edge of technology all in one place.

Peter Diamandis, @PeterDiamandis. His account is literally out of this world. Expect big things in the spheres of space, intellectual thought and longevity.

Louis Basenese, @LouBasenese. Did somebody mention tech? Tweets all things at the center of markets and tech. A voice to be reckoned with.

Shane Parrish, @Farnamstreet. Giving you the upper-hand in thought, literature and life.

In case you are not already following, the Daily Reckoning (@DailyReckoning) is also on Twitter and is a constant source of entertaining literary economic perspective, contrarian ideas and market analysis.


Craig Wilson,

P.S. Find me on Twitter @Craig_Wilson7 together with the marvelous Sarah Walters, @sarahkwalters.

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