Our 10th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that almost ten years have gone by since we began writing our daily missive out of a Paris office back in July of 1999. Since then, a lot has changed. We have seen the dot com boom and bust…a massive expansion of credit…real estate mania and meltdown…and epic highs and lows in the markets.

In short, nothing about the past ten years has been boring. And we have been there throughout, to try to help long time DR sufferers make some sense out of our global economy.

And things have changed for us as well, here at The Daily Reckoning HQ. We grew from just one version of The Daily Reckoning, that focuses solely on the United States, to publishing the DR every day in three languages from offices in six countries.

Furthermore, The Daily Reckoning has laid the foundation and given rise to several other Agora Financial publications. This includes the free e-letters Whiskey & Gunpowder and Penny Sleuth as well as, for Agora Financial clients and the executive series e-letter  The 5 Min. Forecast.

We’ve released the critically acclaimed documentary film I.O.U.S.A., and written four New York Times bestsellers the updated and expanded books Financial Reckoning Day Fallout and The New Empire of Debt. In July we also held the 2009 Agora Financial Investment Symposium, which was themed “A Decade of Reckoning” in Vancouver, Canada.

And since you are reading this, you must have noticed our new DR site. We figured it’s a new year, a new market cycle, and it’s time for a new, revamped DailyReckoning.com, which allows us to publish on a more frequent basis – and that means more content for you.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments. Here’s to 2009!

Bill Bonner
Founder, The Daily Reckoning

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