Ron Paul Finds His Comfort Zone

Just hours away from the next Republican presidential debate, and Texas Congressmember Ron Paul is really starting to hit his stride as an extemporaneous public speaker — a skill set very different from delivering his excellent prepared speeches on the floor of the House. For proof, look no further than his appearance last night on The Daily Show.

Frankly, watching the first two debates and some of his earlier media interviews made me cringe a bit.  Or if not cringe, at least I'd wish to myself that he'd use a different and less awkward phraseology to make his point — including the point about U.S. foreign policy that made such a splash in the last debate.  I didn't feel that way at all watching this.  Granted, Jon Stewart is a sympathetic interviewer, but Paul made all the points he wanted to make very, very well indeed. 

Tonight's debate is on CNN at 7 PM Eastern.

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