Restoring the US Economy and a Sneak Peak at Our New Documentary

As you may know, we’ve been filming a documentary on entrepreneurship in the bailout and stimulus period after the Panic of ’08. We’ve been following, among other folks, the trials and tribulations of undersea salvage superstars Greg Stemm and Mark Gordon, in their quest to win the rights to market $500 million in coins they’ve recovered from a shipwreck off the coast of Gibraltar. As longtime readers of our various publications well know, the Odyssey story is pretty fascinating in its own right…

But tomorrow you have a chance to catch part of the film production in action. Working with Dan Rodricks, host of “Midday”, a show on WYPR, our local NPR station, we’ve invited a panel of “experts” to answer a timely question: How can we re-ignite the fires of entrepreneurship that made America “the most competitive economy in the world” for much of its history?

Among the guests are two Vancouver favorites, president of Odyssey Marine Mark Gordon and venture capitalist Juan Enriquez. Mr. Enriquez, among other groundbreaking projects, helped finance the mapping of the human genome nearly a decade ago.

Also joining us on the panel, University of Virginia professor Saras Sarasvathy, whose work details the process by which founder of the Grameen bank – a gentleman who won the Nobel Prize for developing a program of “micro-loans” to women in Bangladesh – overcame seemingly insurmountable roadblocks to achieve his dream of providing capital to the world’s poorest citizens.

The show airs live tomorrow between Noon and 2 PM EDT. If you want to listen in, here’s where to go. We’ll have cameras whirring away in the background. You just won’t be able to see them. The podcast will be available after the program, if you’re not available to stream it “live”.

Addison Wiggin
for The Daily Reckoning

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