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Resource Trader Alert and Natural Resources: A Huge Part of a Winning Portfolio…

Resource Trader Alert Update: The housing market stinks, the government is over spending, the dollar is doomed and your investments aren’t what they used to be…

Add it all up and you’ve got quite a predicament.

Indeed, investing today is different than investing in the heydays of the past couple decades.  And to be clear, the “buy and hold” investing that made money in the past isn’t a sure bet nowadays.

That’s why I want to introduce you to a new spot for smart moneymaking.  This little-known realm is one of the last bastions of pure supply and demand. It represents a safe opportunity for you to grow your wealth – free and clear of the sham artists on Wall Street and the tricksters in Washington.

I’m talking about investing directly in natural resources through the commodities market.

Natural Resources and the Commodities Market

Investing in things of real value has its advantages.

When you invest in the price of crude oil or the price of corn – you aren’t in the middle of a guessing game like the stock market.  Instead the prices of these staple commodities fluctuate solely on the principles of supply and demand.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to forget about foggy earnings reports, analyst downgrades or lies straight from the mouth of company CEOs?  You betcha!

That’s what brought me to the world of commodity investing.

But what really brought my understanding of these markets to the next level was a service called Resource Trader Alert.

Resource Trader Alert – A Proven Way to Play Natural Resources…

Resource Trader Alert offers its readers insight into the staple commodities that the world craves.  These are not short-lived products that will rise and fall on whims, but rather tangible and (more importantly) stable goods.

Here are the types of commodities that Resource Trader Alert plays:

Resource Trader Alert Commodity #1: Crude Oil

If you have been paying attention to the news recently you know that crude oil is a contentious topic, and rightfully so – it is the resource that powers all the cars on the road.  With most of the world’s easily pumped oil found, rising costs of drilling and extraction, and looming threat of peak oil, crude oil prices are sure to rise which makes it an vital area to watch.

Resource Trader Alert Commodity #2: Gold and Silver

With the value of the dollar behaving unpredictably, there is no better time to invest in gold and silver bullion.  It has shown time and time again to be a stable investment in times of crisis or depression.

Resource Trader Alert Commodity #3: Corn

Corn is the most widely grown crop in the Americas and is used extensively in food production.  One of its most widespread uses is a feed for livestock and with a growing demand worldwide for foodstuffs, corn can be both a stable and lucrative investment.

Resource Trader Alert Commodity #4: Wheat

Easily overlooked, wheat is an agricultural commodity the world can’t live without.  This cash crop is the second largest human food crop behind rice.  There are, however, factors such as weather and fuel prices that affect the price of wheat and create opportunities to profit.

While you’re consuming these things each day, traders are making billions of dollars off of them.

Resource Trader Alert is your chance to dip into some of those profits.  Using instruments almost identical to the stock options, you can turn tiny commodity fluctuations into double- or triple-digit profits.

Make no mistake – this is a dynamic, volatile market.  But with RTA you’ll be prepared for the significant gains you could make with every single trade.

Commodities are a unique investment that is advantageous for many reasons.  They offer portfolio diversification and balance, which is important in a less than stable economy.  They are an expanding market in general, and with growing demand and diminishing resources this trend should continue.

But most important to investors, they can run up fast on speculation alone, which is where Resource Trader Alert comes in.

In the past few years alone, Resource Trader Alert readers had a chance to make 214% on the price of gold… 187% when sugar prices spiked… 200% when the Canadian Dollar took off…148% on the price of silver… 106% when crude oil rallied… even 152% when Treasury bonds fell…

Resource Trader Alert Editor, Alan Knuckman

One of the most valuable aspects of Resource Trader Alert is editor Alan Knuckman. Alan regularly presents ways to make money whether prices are going up or down.

Alan has worked with commodities for nearly 20 years, starting on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. He understands how the big guys make money and he frequently consults an extensive list of “in the know” contacts.  His analysis and instructions are crystal clear, meaning his readers always know the exact move to make.

Resource Trader Alert is updated regularly and Alan’s alerts come at any time… just as soon as his signals pinpoint a promising trade. Up market, down markets – it doesn’t matter. As long as commodities are trading hands, Resource Trader Alert is your best chance for resource gains.

Before You Get Started, Take a Look at This!

If you’re looking to start playing the commodities market there are a couple of steps you should take prior to joining a service like Resource Trader Alert.

You’ll want to have a basic understanding of how commodities trade.  Here are a few sites you may want to look at:

After you’ve taken a look at these basic primers for commodities you can move up to the next level with Resource Trader Alert.  With RTA you’ll be able to unlock all of the hidden power the commodities market has to offer.

Yours for resource profits,

Matt Insley
for The Daily Reckoning

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