Real 3-D-Printed Gun Now Available in Metal

If you thought Defense Distributed’s 3-D-printed gun looked a little less than menacing, but were interested in what the technology had to offer, look no further. A company called Solid Concepts Inc. just produced a near-perfect 1911 semi-automatic pistol using 3-D printing technology.

The gun is made almost entirely out of steel parts that were cut with a laser on a new kind of 3-D printer. The creators successfully fired 50 rounds from it without a problem.

Congressmen such as Steve Israel who were apoplectic over Defense Distributed’s overheating plastic version, which reportedly started melting after a few rounds, are really going to love this.

Not to worry, says Scott McGowan, Solid Concepts’ VP of marketing: The technology is more expensive than plastic 3-D printers and requires considerably more technical skill to use. This should keep the general public away for quite some time.

“We’re doomed,” declared Huffington Post. “It had to happen someday. We’re just sad it happened so quickly.”

Doomed! That’s likely what arms manufacturers will declare if this starts eating into their profits… never mind that hobbyists have been home-manufacturing working firearms for generations. It will be fun to watch them side with the government against the NRA as 3-D-printed guns becomes cheaper to produce and higher in quality.

Jason Farrell

For The Daily Reckoning

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