Pre-Existing Conditions?

This is further proof that both Republicans and Democrats are, to put it kindly, totally ignorant of some of life’s basic facts, and even common sense. Both sides want it to be compulsory for insurance companies to be forced to insure people with “pre-existing conditions.” Think about that one, with just a grain of common sense or a basic kindergarten knowledge of economics.

If you have a house which is falling down from termites, has a leaky roof, iron plumbing, stopped up septic tank, or whatever, and you approach a home insurance company, wanting full coverage for your house, and they say “you’ve got to be kidding,” should the D.C. Gang force the insurance company to issue you a homeowners policy? If you never cut your grass, never paint, never shovel snow off your sidewalk, and your neighbors consider you a menace, would any insurance company issue you a policy? Both Dems and Repubs might want big daddy government to force them to issue it, assuming the health care thing goes into effect. Why not throw pre-existing conditions out the window for home coverage?

Currently, there are scads of auto mechanical insurance policies advertising on the TV channels. If you have a true clunker which knocks, smokes, and leaks, would you expect an insurance company to issue you a policy? If the health care proposal for no pre-existing conditions considerations, why not for cars too?

If you were an alcoholic, with dozens of DUI’s, and a host of traffic accidents charged to you, would any insurance company issue you any coverage for any price, if they had their head screwed on correctly? If no pre-existing conditions can keep a health insurance company from insuring your health, why not force insurance companies to insure your driving habits, regardless of the risks?

Insurance companies as well as all businesses are in it to make a profit, and that’s the way it should be.

If you need a loan and go to a bank, shouldn’t they check your credit rating? If you have a credit rating of 100, have defaulted on lots of loans in the past, have no savings, your credit cards have been revoked, and there are tens of thousands of dollars still owed on them, would a banker loan you a quarter if he was in his right mind? If insurance companies can’t use pre-existing conditions to deny you health coverage, why not force the banks to loan you money, regardless of your credit rating?

If the Dems and Repubs have their way, along with Obama, and you have advanced cancer, Hodgkin’s, melanoma, kidney failure, or whatever, they want insurance companies to have no choice but have to insure you. In other words, by law or bureaucracy, the D.C. Gang in both parties wants to insure the death of insurance companies.

It seems to this amateur, that if you have a serious, incurable disease, or severe health condition which either can’t be fixed, or to fix it would cost several hundred thousand dollars, an insurance company wouldn’t really be interested in covering you for a hundred bucks a month. One of my best friends is in such bad health that he has cost his medical insurance company probably a million dollars already, and he is still living with myriad health problems. Bud is probably 150 pounds overweight, has never cared for himself, smoked for decades, has very high blood pressure, and did tons of drugs, in addition to being diabetic and having had several heart attacks. He is still covered because unless he misses a payment, his insurance can’t be cancelled. Believe me, he’ll never miss a payment! His insurance company is on the hook with a certain loser, but when he took out the policy, the insurance company thought him to be a fair risk.  They were wrong, and are paying for it.

Denying pre-existing conditions as an excuse for not issuing a health policy, sounds just wonderful to the un-thinking boobs who occupy those offices on Capitol Hill. Do they ever really THINK?

Actuaries are in business to do risk assessment for insurance companies. They go over statistics, figures, probabilities, and risks. If the Demos and Repubs have their way, you can forget actuaries, because the D.C. Gang will force insurance companies out of business. The point is, once again, that both parties have destroyed America with stupidity, greed, and that ever-present ego governing us, when we need laws only to protect us from our enemies, and not ourselves. With every vote over the last 75 years, it seems as though each vote drove another nail in our collective coffins. The Tea Parties have plainly demonstrated that we have had enough of both parties, and we should throw them both out with a couple of exceptions. The Democrats are worse than the Republicans, I’ll admit, but there are far too many office holders who haven’t a grain of common sense, and I have had enough of both of them. I am no longer proud to be a registered Republican, but have not yet re-registered as an independent. Local Republicans are fine.

Don Stott

September 11, 2009

The Daily Reckoning