Political Mainstream Finally Learns to Appreciate Ron Paul

For a congressman, Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX) holds contrarian economic views but, as the Los Angeles Times explains, his Austrian School perspective is increasingly gaining traction with a wider audience.

From the LA Times:

“Paul’s once-lonely espousal of the Austrian School’s ideas has gotten new impetus from conservative economists and Republican political strategists.

“A lot of good ideas were shoved aside because of the Depression and the rise of the Keynesian view of the world,” said George Selgin, an economics professor at the University of Georgia.

“Paul contends that Austrian economics explains the most recent financial meltdown: “It says if you inflate too much, if you have no restraint on monetary authorities, you’re going to bring on a crisis.” Now, Paul says, administration policies are leading the country toward disaster.”

Read the full details on the newfound appeal of his economic position, as well as more about Paul’s background, in a Los Angeles Times article on how his ideas are no longer fringe.

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