Peak Oil dilemma, continued

Just one more thought about the Peak Oil dilemma — the flip side, as it were, to what I discussed yesterday .

While we free marketeers have a problem in discussing Peak Oil with wider audiences — the fact that many people in that wider audience will cry out for Big Government solutions — the other problem, to be honest, are the other people who talk about Peak Oil.

Frankly, some of them are downright hostile to the free market, and even to industrial society.  They look at Peak Oil as mankind's comeuppance for defiling the planet.  Ironically, they don't propose Big Government solutions, because they figure the situation is beyond the point of no return.

That sort of position has no resonance with ordinary folks, and rightly so — it leaves them with no sense of hope.  And it's the undercurrent to some of the Peak Oil documentaries out there.  It's unmistakable, no matter how many times they interview certified capitalist Matt Simmons.  No wonder they don't catch fire.

People need to believe there's hope, especially in gloomy times like these.  Something to think about as we try to make people more aware of Peak Oil.

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