Offshore Opportunities 2004 Conference

Offshore Opportunities 2004 ConferenceOctober 20 – 23, 2004
Offshore Opportunities 2004 Conference

FORBIDDEN Financial Secrets Will Be Released This October

A cartel of regulators and special interests have locked you out of some of the world’s best-performing investments. But this October, twenty-one of the world’s leading financial advisors will come together at the Offshore Opportunities Seminar in Panama on October 20-23 and reveal them to you. You’ll learn about forbidden investments that have soared 1,041%, 392% and 78% since January 2000… tax-free ways to reap explosive profits in the Next Great Emerging Real Estate Markets… revolutionary retirement programs that could transform the quality and dramatically reduce the cost of your retirement (even by as much as 70%!). Join us in “the Planet’s #1 Fiscal and Retirement Paradise”.

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