Obama and Clinton Are Right!

Anyone can be right once.

What America needs desperately is a “re-set” button, just not one in flawed Russian.  We’re already being overcharged.  What would solve most of the problems (after some truly horrible tangles were unraveled) would be to go back a minimum of a hundred years and start over. 1909 would do quite nicely.

Did you gasp, “Are you mad woman?!  You would lose your right to vote!”  No, I am not insane at all.  If the price of restoring the gold standard, eliminating the Federal Reserve, dismantling the welfare state, getting rid of millions of pages of deleterious regulations, wiping out all the “laws” set by Liberal judges, and following the Constitution strictly is forfeiting my right to vote–take it with my blessing.  It would be the best trade of my life.

I’m a trader, not an “investor.”  Every time the government tells us it is “investing” in our future, the results are the same as holding stocks for the long term–with all the fun of margin calls, a thing no one with any regard for his skin would contemplate for a moment.  Hold stocks as “investments” and whatever increase you have will be eaten up by inflation or destroyed by business cycles or government actions.  Sometimes you don’t get out of Polaroid or Texas Instruments or the “war” on drugs in time.  In a moment of sentimental madness you might considered picking up some Flying Tigers or “Head Start.”

You can’t fall in love with stocks; pick ’em up, ride ’em up, cash ’em out, Rawhide! and on to the next one.  It isn’t safe to fall in love with government programs, either.  They don’t pay dividends, you can’t get them out of your portfolio, and they proliferate like mongrel puppies, howling their ugly little heads off, messing on the floor, consuming ever-increasing amounts of resources, and repeating the cycle endlessly.

Making money in the stock market and running governments sensibly both need to be done cooly, intelligently, with a level head, firm principles, and a committment to getting out of anything that doesn’t work.

Linda Brady Traynham

April 27, 2009

The Daily Reckoning