My Favorite Currency

Of the major world currencies, I have to say that Australia’s dollar is my favorite. It has an edge because of its commodity-related economies and currencies.

Now, Canada has the same edge. In fact, you may hear the Canadian and Australian dollars called the CommDolls (commodity dollars) for short. But Canada is inextricably tied to its neighbor to the south (namely, us), and that’s more than just a little problematic.

Australia, on the other hand, is not tied to the United States. Instead, it’s better placed to trade with another resource-hungry nation — China.

As China attempts to lift itself up by its own bootstraps, Australia comes into the picture. It has been widely understood that Australia is a little China. Not in culture, custom or language, but in economics. A significant part of Australia’s commodities flow into China, and the more the Chinese move ahead, the better it is for Australia.

Also, let’s consider that Australia’s central bank is still holding its interest rates at 3%. In a fairly stable country, with a fairly stable currency, that is one heck of an attractive rate. Why, it is downright appealing!

Indeed, Australia may now become the benefiting member of the next carry trade. After all, if can you borrow money at 0.25% and invest it at 3%, you stand to make a decent haul. And as risk appetite re-enters the market, you can bet your bottom dollar that Australia will likely be a real beneficiary.

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