Moving day

Time to update your bookmarks. Your humble blogger is on the move.

In what I assume is a promotion, I’m joining the rest of the crew over at the new-and-improved site. I’ll be right there along with Bill Bonner, Chuck Butler, the Mogambo Guru, and a host of others — where you can see fresh commentary updated throughout the day.

It’s a big-time improvement, thanks to the hard work of a lot of good folks the last few weeks: A slick yet uncluttered design, daily posts from the Mogambo Guru (daily DOOOM!)… and best of all, you can contribute comments not only to my posts, but everyone else’s!

If you’re accustomed to reading me on RSS, I’m told you needn’t change a thing in your feed reader, although it may be another couple of days before posts actually show up; we’re still getting the series of tubes changed over on our end, so please pardon our dust. There are also individual RSS feeds for Bill and all the other contributors. (Told you this was a big improvement.)

In the meantime, I thank you for your continued readership and look forward to seeing you at the all-new

The Daily Reckoning