Miscellaneous scenes from a fading empire

Scene #1:  Canadians come to the rescue of the South Florida condo market.  Or at least they're snapping up bargains.

Scene #2:  Team Bush tries to pull strings on behalf of its preferred satrap in Pakistan, who got trounced in Monday's elections in large part because he's perceived as an American toady.  (Hey, didn't Hamas win the Palestinian elections because Abbas had the same rap?  Funny how that all works…)

Scene #3:  Team Bush decides to put headquarters for its new AFRICOM military command overseeing Africa… in Germany .  Sort of an embarassing climb-down considering Bush is visiting Africa right now, but I guess the Africans have made it pretty clear they want nothing to do with this.  (Likewise CENTCOM, which oversees the Middle East, has its HQ in Tampa.)

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