Mind-Boggling Budget Deficit

In one of my worse nightmares coming true, my boss “stopped by” my office with some security camera footage of me allegedly coming to work where I am obviously but allegedly drunk as a skunk and allegedly belligerent, although there is no sound track to confirm this, towards the other employees also allegedly coming in to work, where I am allegedly and seemingly yelling at them in a spittle-drenched rage that they are idiots because they are not buying gold, silver and oil in response to the treacherous Federal Reserve creating so much money so that the desperate Obama administration can destroy us with monstrous deficit-spending and create catastrophic inflation in prices, which, unfortunately, doesn’t work well as a YouTube video without any soundtrack, even though there was this one fabulous scene where I, in a breathtaking pantomime, grabbed my genitals, ripped them off, stretched them into a noose around my neck and hung myself, and which is, ya gotta admit, not quite the perfect metaphor, but a very memorable one, especially since they both have the same ultimate effect! Hahaha!

Naturally, my stupid boss is unimpressed with my performance, mostly because she wouldn’t know real, classical performance art, like this Brilliant Mogambo Example (BME) under discussion, if it came up and took a big ol’ crap on her shoe.

In desperation, I try to turn this video footage to my advantage by cleverly noting that the tape reveals that I am obviously the smartest one in the whole crowd, judging both by the intelligent content of what I am saying and by how everyone else is just a bunch of slack-jawed dullards by comparison.

Then I suggested to my boss that we would be much, much better off by firing them all and hiring people who ARE buying gold, silver and oil, which at least shows a little intelligence on their part, and maybe these new employees will end up so comparatively wealthy when gold, silver and oil explode in price that we won’t need to pay them as much to make them happy, which would be a savings that would go right to the company’s bottom line, and we would both end up looking like geniuses! Geniuses, I tells ya!

Well, my suggestion was not appreciated very much, like all my other suggestions over the years, even though I pressed my case that this was the time – today! – to make such a bold, decisive move, as things are going to get even worse in years to come because, in February alone, at just the start of the big Obama Dollar Deluge, the federal government ran a mind-boggling deficit of $221 billion – The largest in history! In one month! – as the result of total government expenditures hitting a staggering $328 billion!

Now, $328 billion in expenditures means that the government spent, in one month, $3,280 for every worker in a non-taxpayer-paid job.

Revenues? Haha! Total revenues for the month were only $107 billion, which comes out to $1,070 for every worker in a non-taxpayer-paid job! Yikes!

You probably noticed how my hands are visibly shaking at the looming horrors of massive, catastrophic inflation in prices that will match, to one degree or another, this massive, catastrophic inflation in the money supply, although you probably did not notice that my heart is pounding, pounding in my chest.

In fact, hold onto your hat to (hopefully) keep it from comically shooting up off your head or else (hopefully not) give you something into which to gag up the Vomit Of Petrifying Fear (VOPF) when you learn that, for the entire first 5 months of fiscal year 2010, the total federal deficit is an unbelievable $651.6 billion, which, as horrifically bad as it is, is perversely exactly what you would expect from a bizarre spendthrift, entitlement-perpetuating Congress that has budgeted a massive, unprecedented, record-breaking $1.6 trillion year deficit for the entire 2010 fiscal year! We’re freaking doomed!

My hands are now shaking so hard that they are useless, and I now have to type with my nose, but since I am not very good at typing with my nose, and it is already starting to hurt from just this little bit of typing, let me just say that many, many more multi-trillion-dollar budget deficits are already forecasted out for years and years to come, too, meaning “We’re freaking doomed!” unless you buy gold, silver and oil, in which case everyone else will say, “We’re freaking doomed!” but you can, and will, say, “Whee! This investing stuff was easy!”

The Mogambo Guru
for The Daily Reckoning

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