Milton Friedman, RIP

Update:  Justice Litle reflects, "A good man, he. Some bad ideas but some really great ones too."

Says Dollar Bear: I'd count school vouchers among the worst ideas.  But I won't dwell on his mixed legacy or start an Austrian-vs.-monetarist food fight at the moment.  My thoughts earlier today as the news broke:

A long life well-lived.  He was 94. 

One of my earliest introductions to free-market economics was watching Free to Choose on public television when I was in junior high school.  And as I reflect on my life and interests, and how they've evolved, it's safe to say Friedman is among the first links in a long chain of events that led to the blog you're reading right now.

The last survivor among the great libertarian intellectuals of the 20th century is now gone.  Sad to think about.

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