Market Review: Indian Summer Echo

"…there’s no question that unseasonably warm and dry weather fueled both residential construction and state and local public works," writes Morgan Stanley’s Richard Berner. "The temperature in January and February averaged 2.4 degrees or 7.3% warmer than the average of the past five years."

Here at the Daily Reckoning we’re always looking for reasons why the markets perform as they do. Today – on a bright and sunny day in Paris – the weather seems as good a reason as any.

Unseasonably warm temparatures in the winter months have boosted spirits to such a degree they prompted Easy Al, the money-lovers pal, to declare the recession dead and gone this week. And Treasury man O’Neill… well, he never thought there was one anyway.

"The rise [in] construction," continues the Morgan Stanley report, "will likely add about a percentage point to first- quarter growth…" Ned Davis Research claims the warm weather is responsible for the strong burst in retail sales so far this quarter.

With warm hearts and thoughts of cool spring breezes investors – no doubt eyeing the economic minutiae as closely as your editors do – pushed the Dow up 203 points to close at 10,572. The Nasdaq shot up 126… a whopping 7%… to close the week at (a prophetic) 1929.

Perhaps it’s true. Maybe, as the stock market seems to indicate, there’s a recovery in the making. But we wouldn’t count on it. As our friend John Mauldin points out "in the obtuse world of statistics, [seasonably adjusted] means that spring numbers, even if they were the same, would be weaker." And, as we’ve seen in the past, April can be the cruelest of months…

Hope you’re enjoying your pre-spring weekend,

Addison Wiggin,
The Daily Reckoning
March 9-10, 2002

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