Make 200% on a Stock That Could Help End Obesity

Who is Meg Kane?

Meg Kane is the pseudonym used by the author of an online blog called the Diary of an Obese Girl.

Here, I’ll let Meg introduce herself to you:

“You can call me Meg Kane. I’m 23 years old. I love kids, pets, shopping, long walks on the beach, going to the movies, talking to my friends…

“And I’m also 393 pounds. Three Hundred Ninety-Three pounds…”

Just to interrupt Meg for a minute, you are considered clinically obese if you are over 203 pounds and 5 feet 9 inches or shorter…

Back to Meg Kane now…

“The concept that I am obese is still shocking to me…

“I spent my entire life… feeling so self-conscious that…I didn’t even go to my senior prom, or have my first real kiss…

“Being this overweight is stopping me from so many things…

“I want to be happy… I want to run around and play, even though I’m 23 — I want to be a kid again.

“There’s something else I want… I want to curl up into the arms of the man I’ve fallen in love with… How can someone who is 393 pounds curl up in a 180-pound man’s arms… This is my life and I deserve so much better than what I’ve given myself.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every three people in the United States is obese like Meg Kane. In other words, if you gather 100 people into a room, 33 of them are going to be obese.

You need to understand that obesity afflicts more people than cancer and heart disease combined.

We have Frankensteined our food, and it’s made us obese and sick.

Now, if you look up the definition of an epidemic in the dictionary, you’ll see that it’s defined as “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.”

Many people believe that people who are obese are gluttons and just need a good swift kick up their backside. That maybe, if they just paid the price, they’d be able to slim down. But anyone who seriously studies this issue understands that obesity is an epidemic, meaning that it’s a medical condition that needs treatment.

I’ll go a step further and say that not only is obesity an epidemic, but it’s one that’s man-made and kept hush-hush by our government, food companies and their scientists.

I’m going to show you how our government, food companies and food scientists have turned you into a guinea pig… in an experiment that’s gone horribly, terribly wrong…

Now, stick with me while I explain this to you. I promise there’s a way for you to make 200% of this. You see, the U.S. obesity epidemic began in 1981 when the federal government approved the use of a chemical called aspartame to be used as a sweetener.

What is aspartame? If you look it up, you’ll see that aspartame is the short name for methyl A-aspartylphenylalanine. Look at that word. Doesn’t sound like a sweetener, does it?

Well, make no mistake about it, this is a factory-made chemical like bleach or battery acid. Except food companies dump this chemical into what you eat.

So like you, I wanted to find out why would a food company use such a nasty chemical to sweeten food? What’s in it for the food company?

Turns out that the benefit for a food company is that aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar. That means it can be millions of dollars cheaper to use than sugar. Using this chemical, a food company can sell you 200 times as much sugary stuff by substituting aspartame chemical for sugar.

Now, if natural sugar and aspartame were truly the same, then Meg Kane could live a normal, healthy life. And 33 people in every room would not be obese.

But the ugly truth is that engineering our food to substitute aspartame for sugar and calling it “sugar free” allows you to think you can eat as much of it as you want.

Our guardians, the food scientists and the government blessed it and gave it their seal of approval. So we eat more and more and more… until now we’re waking up and realizing that you and those like Meg Kane are being infected by this manufactured, chemically induced disease called obesity.

Meg Kane and other obese people are the victims of this food experiment with aspartame and other chemicals and additives that has gone horribly wrong. It’s all ultimately a trick where food companies can lower their costs and get you to eat too much.

Bottom line: We have Frankensteined our food, and it’s made us obese and sick.

I know that some of you are rolling your eyes. But you can go and look at the evidence yourself. According to a 2003/2004 study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Americans — starting at age 2 (2!!!) — drink 585 grams and eat 375 grams of foods that have aspartame and other chemical sweeteners every single day.

That means we are gulping down 65 tablespoons of this chemical sugar junk every single day. Sixty-five tablespoons!!! In a single day!

How is that even possible?

The official website for this chemical aspartame claims that it’s used in over 6,000 products. And it’s not just in diet food. It’s in everything you and I eat, from chewing gum to cookies to ice cream to yogurt.

Without a doubt, you have eaten something with this chemical today, even if you didn’t want to.

The Link Between Obesity and Artificial Sweeteners

Do you see that red line?

The red line you see in the chart is the number of people who are obese based on a scientific study called the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Just so you know, BMI stands for body mass index. It’s how a doctor determines if you are obese. If your BMI is over 30, you are considered obese.

You see how that red line rockets upward? It happened right after the introduction of the aspartame chemical as a sweetener.

The NHANES survey is only one study that shows how aspartame and similar chemicals are driving our obesity epidemic. In 2010, the prestigious Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine published an epidemiological study that used empirical evidence to show the same.

There is study after study showing this link between chemical sugars like aspartame and obesity. It makes you wonder do we all have to become obese to figure out this junk in our food makes us sick?

OK, perhaps you are thinking… so what, Paul?

You can just stop eating food with chemical sweeteners in it. All right. Let’s say we assume the whole world decides this second to stop eating this kind of food.

What about all the people who are already victims of this obesity epidemic?

What about Meg Kane? What should she do? Should she die without ever kissing her Mr. Right? Should she never get to curl into the arms of her true love? Or feel like a kid again? Should Meg Kane just disappear?

Maybe you know people who are that cold and heartless. But I know many Meg Kanes. They are in my family and are my friends. Look around. I bet you know many Meg Kanes too.

I want Meg Kane to lose weight, find her Prince Charming, and feel like a kid again.

And I can tell you that nothing is going to change unless someone steps up to help Meg Kane with a way to lose weight.

Over the next two weeks, you and I get a chance to do well by doing good by helping Meg Kanes everywhere lose weight. Yes, that’s right, there is one company out there right now that has proven it can actually help Meg Kane lose weight.

You need to know that this company has been developing its medical device to help people lose weight for over eight years now. So they have had plenty of time to figure out if it really works. And eight years on, the answer is clear. It works.

On Dec. 3, 2013, the company announced the results of its biggest clinical trial testing the device. The clinical trial had a total of 239 people in it. You need to understand that approximately half of those people got the company’s medical device implanted, while the other received a placebo.

So the results of the study were released in December. Turns out that the people who got the device lost 25% of their excess weight. If we use the 203-pound obesity standard, Meg Kane would have lost 48 pounds!

You have to understand that no other kind of obesity therapy even comes close to these results. The best weight loss drug on the market right now can help you lose only 9%.

Just a couple more notes for you to show you how incredible these results are: 41% of people that got the device lost 25% of their excess weight, and as many as 54% of people lost 20%. But the most telling number is that 78% of the patients who got this medical device are choosing to keep it after 18 months. Why would anyone keep using something that doesn’t work? They wouldn’t, and that’s the point.

The company has a stock market value of about $130 million. The device they make is the size of a small watch, weighs about a pound and is implanted in the left chest area through a procedure that takes a couple hours. You go home the same day after the procedure is complete.

It works by vagal blocking — like a pacemaker for your heart. Just like a pacemaker sends a little signal to your heart to keep it ticking, this device sends little signals to the main nerve that controls our digestive system, the vagus nerve, to control your hunger.

Now the company is waiting for FDA approval so that patients in the U.S. can use it. They’re awaiting the input of obesity experts. I believe approval will be granted on June 17, 2014 — less than two weeks from today.

My research shows that this company’s study results are the best of any medical therapy for obesity. The safety of their device is rock solid too. That’s why I believe the FDA is going to approve this device.

When they do, you could see this company soar even higher, by as much as 400%.

So 400%… 150%? I know these numbers may look a bit nuts to you. But in July 2013, a company called Stereotaxis went from $1.65 to $7.34, a gain of 348%, when the FDA approved its Vdrive system.

And Cyberonics jumped from $18.39 to $38.40, a gain of 108%, after an FDA advisory committee voted to recommend its device for depression in June 2004. And again in November 2010, an FDA advisory committee voted to recommend its skin cancer-screening device for approval and Mela Sciences stock jumped from $2.53 to $5.85, a gain of 131%.

But you should know that there’s a major difference between the company I have in mind today and all these other ones. The market for this obesity device is bigger than that for any of these other companies. Projections show 50% of Americans are on track to be obese in the next 20 years — and spending could reach $213 billion by 2030 — up 44% from 2012.

This is why gains of 400% or 150% are not outrageous at all.

I know I say this to you every time. But it’s true. If I could, I would buy as much of this company as I could. But as you know, Agora Financial, the Daily Reckoning’s parent company, prohibits me from owning stocks that I recommend.

It’s absolutely critical that you buy this company right now, before June 17, 2014.

First, the stock is cheap right now and as June 17 nears, other investors are going to come and bid the stock up and you may miss out on getting it at a good price. Second if you don’t own the stock before June 17, you are going to be locked out. You won’t get the benefit of the stock going up by 150% or more.

In other words, if you want to be able to get these big gains, you must act now.


Paul Mampilly
for The Daily Reckoning

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