Luxury Living in the Sun

Tropical Beach In Nicaragua

Before dawn the first surfers race toward the ocean and the sun begins to unroll a carpet of yellow light across the beach. Neighbors on foot or on horseback stop to chat in the surf in front of the new luxury clubhouse which is buzzing with the breakfast crowd. Soon families will gather by the beachfront pool while mom or dad, laptop flipped open, checks in on business back home. The more physically active sip a freshly-squeezed juice after their morning run along the beach and through the nature trails. Next stop: The tennis court.

These are luxurious surroundings, yet casual and relaxed. Think super high-end California without the pretensions. No place for pretensions here, in Rancho Santana on Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast.

Rancho Santana has two miles of the most dramatic coastline you’ll see. Vertical cliffs drop to flat rocky plateaus. Some of the world’s best surf breaks and beaches are here. Close by you’ll find sandy beaches perfect for swimming and rock pools where you can bag the freshest lobster of your life.

Playa Santana stretches out in front of the new clubhouse. Across the ranch, and her 2,700 acres, you have another four beaches to choose from. Luxury homes are dotted throughout the community.

Clubhouse at Rancho Santana

But, you can buy this luxury for a fraction… one-sixth, probably less…of what you might pay along the Pacific coast in California. For example, perched on a cliff above the ocean in Rancho Santana you can buy a one-quarter acre lot for $125,000.

Around $250,000 will build you a luxury 2,500 square foot home with plenty of extra outside space for dining, grilling, evening massage or cocktails. And (of course) your own pool above the roaring Pacific.

The pink sands of Playa Rosada are a gentle stroll down the hill. To learn to surf, get on your quad bike and shoot across to the beach at Los Perros. The five-minute drive brings you through some of the community’s protected nature areas, a wonderland of monkeys and butterflies.

Try finding a building plot this jaw-dropping at this price in Malibu. And because labor is so cheap here you have all the help you need for a tiny fraction of what you would pay back home. I’m talking about your cleaner, gardener, pool guy…or chef when you don’t feel like cooking or leaving home.

But I want to be clear on one thing. This is a unique and world-class community. I’m not telling you about this opportunity just because your dollars stretch further. I’m telling you about it because it’s such a special community on one of the world’s finest coasts.

And better yet, it’s on the up.

Throughout the community you will see progress. The new clubhouse is hosting a convention as I write. Plans are progressing for a boutique inn and new spa area. Furniture and wood finishes are designed and manufactured onsite in a 10,000-square-foot wood shop. Homes are dotted throughout the 2,700 acres Forbes magazine described as “simply stunning.” The onsite construction crew can barely keep up with demand for their services to build luxury homes.

Fresh vegetables arrive from the organic gardens that have been planted near the stables. There’s the buzz of community and progress everywhere you look.

An experienced rental management team is onsite. The demand for rentals is strong. Folks need somewhere to stay when they are visiting to check up on construction of their home. Groups come for equestrian and surf vacations, or for a spot of sun-worshipping. When the convention center hosts a group, the community is packed to the rafters. If you are looking for your own piece of luxury living in the sun don’t do anything until you have visited Rancho Santana.


Ronan McMahon
for The Daily Reckoning

The Daily Reckoning