Larry, Larry, Larry...

In the interest of equal time and bipartisanship, I feel obligated to balance my recent Thomas Friedman bashing with a little Larry Kudlow bashing.

James Wolcott performed the public service of watching Kudlow Monday so I didn't have to:

Today Larry Kudlow and Neil Cavuto had an audience with Buckshot Cheney, Kudlow proving himself a true saphead by lamenting that there was no great battle like Vicksburg or Midway to provide the defining pivotal moment "that would give hope to people like myself who want to win the war." In response, "[Cheney] basically said this isn't that kind of war," and the sad thing is that Kudlow needed to have the vice president of the United States point out the obvious to him.

That said, I have to say I still miss Strictly Business, the long-cancelled CNBC weekly chat show featuring Kudlow as the stereotypical supply-sider, William Wolman from Business Week as the stereotypical liberal, and Jim Rogers as the one guy in the room who made sense.  It was much more genial and informative than the shallow shoutfest on Fox where Rogers can barely get in a word edgewise.

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