Is Rand Paul's Exit a Victory for the Hawks?

Neoconservative scribblers like Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin are crowing about the demise of non-interventionism with the departure of Rand Paul from the presidential race. We are all neocons now, say Rubin and her allies in the war party.

But not so fast! When have they been right about anything?

The struggle for peace and prosperity is a struggle of ideas, not a race to elect politicians to office. And even the departure of the most non-interventionist candidate in the race does not mean the end of non-interventionism. Despite the propaganda, given the choice the people don’t want war. No matter what Rubin or William Kristol think. What is next for the non-partisan pro-peace movement? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report for Ron Paul’s take. Click the play button above to watch.


Daniel McAdams
for The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

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