Is Putin Hitler?

We monitor both “conservative” and “liberal” news media. Not to learn, but to laugh — and to observe.

To observe, that is, the political mind in operation…

If one political mind argues “X,” the opposing political mind must argue “Y.” If one political mind argues “Y,” the opposing political mind must argue “X”— or perhaps “Z.”

Yet this past week both conservative and liberal minds have dissolved into one. That is, both sides agree that the year is not 2022 — but 1938.

Both conservative and liberal establishments insist Mr. Putin is a 21st-century Hitler, a modern berserker, a murderer of Western civilization.

The Russian authoritarian will not settle for Ukraine, they yell. Poland will fill his sights tomorrow, the Baltic states the day after tomorrow… and all of Europe the day after next.

Yet is Mr. Putin the incarnated soul of Herr Hitler? Or is he merely the clear-eyed champion of his nation’s interests?

Let the record reflect it at once — we are not with the Russian strongman. Ukrainian blood — and Russian blood — will forever stain his hands.

He cannot rinse it away.

Yet — yet — we suspect the media are handing us half a story. We would like the whole story. We would prefer some semblance of balance.

And so today we summon, from the infernal realms, advocatus diaboli — the devil’s advocate.

Does Mr. Putin bear sole responsibility for Ukraine’s war? Does he harbor authentic grievances?


Brian Maher

Brian Maher
Managing editor, The Daily Reckoning

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