Investing in the Age of Empire

Investing in the Age of Empire
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The Agora Financial Wealth Symposium is one of those rare times that all of our analysts and experts are gathered not only in the same country – but in the same building! Topic Of Symposium : Investing in the Age of Empire

Dear Reader,

Imagine if you could invite the world’s top financial analysts and commentators into your home. People like…

  • Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes magazine and former presidential candidate
  • Bill Bonner, founder of one of the world’s largest financial publishing businesses, two-time bestselling author and the creative force behind the Daily Reckoning
  • Dennis Gartman, editor of the prestigious Gartman Letter, “subscribed to by leading banks, broking firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, energy and grain trading companies around the world”

That’s a guest list that would make your friends and neighbors drool with envy. But it’s just the beginning. Think of having over 30 stock market experts stop by your house – each wanting to share their latest insights, forecasts and recommendations.

By the time your distinguished guests left, you’d have a complete peek at where the experts think the market is going… and actionable advice on the best stocks to buy right now.

Of course, getting these Wall Street luminaries to visit your house wouldn’t be easy. Even a billionaire would have a hard time assembling such an impressive array of experts.

But for a limited time, you can get the next best thing… a special audio presentation of these speakers – featuring the trends they’re following and their timely recommendations for playing them.

Better still, we’ll also send you a never-before-offered report – where you’ll find our experts’ fastest-moving recommendations – the kind of stocks and options you’ll want to add to your portfolio right away.

It’s your inside look at one of the biggest financial events of the year.

Investing in the Age of Empire:A Meeting of the Street’s Top Minds

On July 25, 2006, over 30 of Wall Street’s top experts gathered in Vancouver, Canada for – the Agora Financial Wealth Symposium. Over the next four days, they shared their latest secrets and insights to a small crowd of just over 500 people.

The theme this year was “Investing in the Age of Empire” – an in-depth look at the problems plaguing investors today… and the opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime profits during these challenges.

The assembled experts offered a special look beyond the mainstream – uncovering the kind of original investments most people still don’t know about… and won’t catch on to until you’ve already had a chance to reap the majority of the profits. In just four days, guests were treated to a year’s worth unique investment ideas and specific recommendations.

But in case you couldn’t join us, we recorded all of it in a special audio presentation just for you. It won’t take you nearly four days to finish… and you can hear it all from the comfort of your living room. It’s your chance to hear

  • Steve Forbes’s rousing talk on how to overthrow the America’s bloated tax system
  • The Mogambo Guru – In a rare public appearance – rail against former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan, at one point dubbing him a “steaming pile of dog crap.”
  • Peter Zipper of Anglo Irish Bank discussing one of the best countries for offshore banking (hint: it’s NOT Switzerland!)
  • Our resident small-cap expert James Boric sharing two undervalued stocks that could easily double
  • Bestselling author and “International Man” Doug Casey with a caustic and cynical look at the dangerous resurgence of extreme patriotism and nationalism around the world
  • Whiskey & Gunpowder’s Dan Denning’s seven picks in a very small nonconventional fuel that’s more practical and potentially much more profitable than ethanol
  • Dennis Gartman’s a surprising views on debt – perhaps one of the most controversial speeches of the conference
  • Canadian resource expert Rick Rule look at how it’s still possible to go against the crowd in commodities – and set yourself up for big gains
  • And Mt. Vernon Research’s Karim Rahemtulla tips on a few great companies trading at levels not seen in years

And that’s just a small sampling of the insights, strategies and insults hurled during the Symposium. There’s also inside advice on international banking… personal freedom… even decreasing your tax bill.

But of course, the stars of the show are the recommendations – specific opportunities in everything from emerging markets to commodities futures. And you’ll get it all with this special audio presentation.

In fact, we’re going one better – offering a FREE bonus that we’ve NEVER offered before – featuring timely recommendations that only a few conference goers had a chance to hear! (More on that in a moment.)

This is your chance to experience the conference from home – almost as if you were there.

Investing in the Age of Empire : Recommendations From the Experts – Straight to Your Door

Sign up for these special audio presentations, and you’ll get the complete speeches – each offering an in-depth look at where the economy is and where it’s heading over the next decade.

Some of the speeches will enlighten you, like the Oxford Club’s Alex Green speech on the only trade you need to make for the next 25 years. Others may surprise you, like Outstanding Investment editor Justice Litle’s compelling case for returning to the gold standard. And some may outright shock you, like Dr. Mark Skousen’s ultra-contrarian views on Ben Bernankeand the Federal Reserve….

But all will give you a clear perspective of what to expect tomorrow, and where to put your money today.

You’ll also hear the experts’ specific recommendations – stocks you can add to your portfolio right now for a chance at big profits in the years ahead. But you must hurry – some of the attendees e-mailed their brokers right from the conference room floor… and a few of these picks are on the move.

All this information is in a special collection of CDs we’ve prepared for you. Or, if you prefer, you can get instant access to this information online in MP3 format. And, for the first time ever, if you sign up for this insightful collection, we’ll also give you a very special bonus.

Investing in the Age of Empire :Never Offered Before!

As you may know, the Wealth Symposium is divided into two parts. The morning is devoted to a general session, featuring strategies and recommendations that appeal to all kinds of investors. But in the afternoon we host special breakout sessions – offering in-depth, and sometimes more speculative, recommendations to small groups of interested listeners.

We just can’t record these special breakout sessions – so usually the only way to get this information is to actually be in the room. But this year we’re doing something new.

For the first time ever, we’ve collected the best recommendations from these small group meetings… and have compiled them in a special FREE report for you.

That’s right… sign up for these special CDs or MP3s today, and you’ll also get FREE access to the special breakout session report. It’s your personal guide to these closed-door meetings – and your chance to hear recommendation you couldn’t hear anywhere else.

For example, Byron King, Whiskey & Gunpowder’s resident historian and oil expert, offered nearly a dozen energy recommendations. Emerging market specialist Sala Kannan shared recommendations based on her most recent overseas trips. And Breakaway Investor’s Andrew Snyder presented some unique ways to play coal.

You’ll find each of these investments featured in this exclusive report – in effect learning expert recommendations that many conference goers didn’t get a chance to hear!

Investing in the Age of Empire : Bear or Bull, You Can Win Either Way

This is the most comprehensive source of financial advice you’ll find anywhere. In fact, you might be surprised how many market bulls showed up to speak at the conference.

Todd Schoenberger of the Diligent Investor shares some blue chips that he thinks are undervalued. The Oxford Club’s Louis Bass counters Bill and Mogambo’s usual pessimism by retitling his speech, “Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself When You Leave Vancouver.”

Maybe they’re right… maybe they’re wrong. Order the CDs, and you’ll have a chance to listen for yourself.

You’ll also hear speeches and specific recommendations from your favorite Daily Reckoning contributors. Chris Mayer discusses specific recommendations to play the coming water crisis… Sala Kannan shares the latest emerging market plays… Kevin Kerr offers the best bets in commodities and options… and James Boric covers the newest ways to play small-cap stocks.

And even after all that, I’ve barely scratched the surface of everything you can learn from the Agora Financial Wealth Symposium. Your personal set of the Agora Financial Wealth CDs includes the complete speeches from:

No one has a more vested interest in protecting wealth from the government than Steve Forbes. In this special CD presentation, you’ll hear Mr. Forbes’ ideas for taking the sting out of the government’s bite. It’s a simple plan – and one that Washington won’t be able to ignore for much longer. If you’re tired of sending more and more money to Washington and getting nothing in return, you need to hear what Mr. Forbes has to say.

Bill Bonner brings a unique perspective to the symposium – since he’s been observing development in the United States from his home in France. He foresees America heading towards a turning point… brought about by the 5 Big E’s. Discover exactly what to expect, and what you can do to fight back.

Dennis Gartman’s The Gartman Letter is a daily commentary on the global capital markets, focusing on political, economic and technical circumstances from both a long- and short-term perspective. Mr. Gartman has a lot to say about America’s “Empire of Debt” – some of which may surprise you. He also explores an “overhyped and stupid” Wall Street darling… and shows how you can bet against it.

James is the mastermind behind two premier small-cap advisories, Small-Cap Strategy Report and Small-Cap Insider… not to mention the Penny Sleuth e-letter. He’s got investing down to a science and his presentation will reveal how you can turn America’s smallest stocks into a chance for million-dollar gains. You’ll discover two picks on the taped speech. And your FREE bonus report has the two picks he reserved for a small audience.

Alexander Green currently writes and directs The Oxford Club Communiqu?I>, The Oxford Insight e-letter and three elite trading advisory services: The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert and The International Trader Alert. He also co-edits The Oxford Short Alert with Louis Bass. In the CD presentation, he’ll walk you through the only trade you need to make for the next 25 years.

As the former editor of Strategic Investment, Dan Denning knows the international markets inside and out. For the Symposium, he mixed his respected macro views with seven – count ’em, seven — stock recommendations specifically geared to ride on the global trends of the next three decades… especially the only viable alternative to gas and diesel engines.

Over 20,000 people read Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth each month. And it’s no surprise why – in his long career, he has worked in the investment world as a stockbroker, the vice president of a $50 million global mutual fund, an international hedge fund manager and the director of several research departments. In Vancouver, he offered a special look at “generational switch” — a remarkable theory about how the aging population will change the economic landscape forever. This isn’t the age-old “baby boomer” story…instead, Steve offers a fresh way to think about the market…and offered crystal-clear advice on planning for the years ahead.

Mark Skousen is a professional economist, financial adviser, university professor and best-selling author of over 20 books. Since 1980, Dr. Skousen has been editor in chief of Forecasts & Strategies, a popular award-winning investment newsletter published by Eagle Publishing in Washington, D.C. And in 2005, he became the president of Investment U, one of the largest investment e-letters in the country. He’s seen all types of markets all over the world. But as you’ll discover, he also has some pretty controversial beliefs about the economy – and you won’t believe what he thinks will happen next.

Born outside of Bombay, India, Sala earned her economics degree at Cambridge University, where she specialized in emerging markets. Since then, she’s traveled extensively, building relationships with economists and industry insiders all over the globe. More importantly, she’s met the people of these overlooked countries – and discovered their hopes and desires. This information led to a radical conclusion – and several stock recommendations you’ll hear on the CDs.

Rick Rule has the inside scoop on the things that keep the world running. As the founder of Global Resource Investments, Ltd., he specializes in mining, energy, water utilities, forest products and agriculture. Listen to his speech, and you’ll discover the best countries to buy for resource riches.

Byron’s essays on current events, economics and politics through the lens of history have won him many fans in Whiskey & Gunpowder. A practicing lawyer, former geologist and general history buff, Byron brings a unique perspective to any investment topic. During his speech, you’ll discover how small historical events can have a big impact on the future… and how you can see these milestones coming. Then, in the special FREE break-out report, you’ll find seven stocks he thinks you should consider buying right away.

Doug Casey’s mile-long resume lets him bring a lot of experience to the table in a wide range of fields. Over his long career, he’s earned reputations as a successful businessman… talented market analyst… unabashed technology buff… commodity and resource pundit… confirmed anarchist… and connoisseur of the finer things in life. Doug lived up to his reputation and more – sharing a view of the future unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Paul Mampilly is the editor and publisher of Capuchinomics, a behavioral finance newsletter which employs a unique system that incorporates human behavior and emotion in the analysis of financial markets and securities. Mampilly is a leader in the use of these techniques with respect to stocks, bonds, futures and currency markets. Thanks to his speech, you’ll know how you can use theories of human behavior to influence all of your investment decisions.

Kevin’s unparalleled expertise in futures and commodities has made him a regular contributor to news outlets like CNN, FOX News, the CBS Evening News, Nightly Business Report and many others, not to mention his regular MarketWatch column. He’s also racked up unprecedented triple-digit average gains with futures options in Resource Trader Alert. Want to know which commodities he’s looking at now? Kevin will be happy to tell you in the CD presentation.

Chuck Butler is president of EverBank World Markets and the author of the Daily Pfennig newsletter, which is delivered daily via e-mail to market-watchers globally, helping traders stay on top of the economic, currency and market happenings around the world. If you’ve ever considered currency investments, Chuck will tell you exactly what you need to know to succeed.

Plus many more!

Investing in the Age of Empire: An Unbeatable Price for a Limited Time

Getting all these top-notch speakers to Vancouver was no easy task. And conference-goers had to pay a pretty well to listen to them speak. Just getting in the door cost $825 – and that’s not even touching things like airfare, hotel fees, even food.

Yet it was worth every single penny. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look what the attendees had to say for themselves:

“Tremendous itinerary, which was executed very disciplined and therefore tremendous value. Thanks, once more for a great week!”
– R. Waldherr

“The best run conference I have been to, and the speakers were astounding.”
– L. Hart

“On the whole, all the speeches were interesting and informative.”
– L. Roberge

“Overall quality of speakers and their knowledge was impressive.”
– H. Reske

“I enjoyed the high level of presentations…”
– D. Williams

Now, thanks to this special offer, you don’t have to regret missing out. For a limited time, you can get access these speeches plus the FREE special report for just $247.

Listen to the online MP3 presentations anywhere you have Internet access – your home, the office, even on a laptop at the beach. Listen in while eating dinner… or breakfast… or any meal in between. Or take the CDs with you wherever you go. (There isn’t a better chance for you to profit while sitting in traffic!) Either way, this information is fully guaranteed.

But this is time-sensitive information, so we can’t offer it for long. Follow this link to get copies right away.


Addison Wiggin

P.S. The 2006 Agora Financial Wealth Symposium featured the most impressive array of analysts and commentators we’ve ever assembled. These special audio presentations are the easiest and most affordable way to hear from the likes of Steve Forbes… Rick Rule… Dennis Gartman… and many more.

Don’t miss your chance to hear what these world-renowned experts have to say about where the economy is going – and the specific recommendations you can use to play them. Get this special audio presentation and your FREE reports today.

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