ING's heads-up on Iran

When a major investment bank begins explicitly warning its clients about the possibility of air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities — and even offers a time frame — it's hard to ignore.

ING Group, in a report dated January 9, describes such an attack as "high impact, if low probability" and suggests it's most likely such an attack would be carried out by Israel, with Washington's blessing.  The reason?  Israel "is not prepared to accept the same doctrine of ‘mutually assured destruction’ that kept the peace during the Cold War. Israel is adamant that this is not an option for such a geographically small country."

The report says an attack could take place in February or March of this year.  Among the reasons cited: The 60 days given by the UN Security Council for Iran to suspend its enrichment of uranium will have lapsed.

In an update issued yesterday, the report's author, ING economist Charles Robinson, says recent personnel changes at the White House make an attack more likely, changes we touched on here last week even before President Bush began rattling additional sabers at Iran.

(Thanks to Raw Story.) 

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