Important Changes To Your Free Subscription From Agora Financial

Dear reader,

Today, I’d like to alert you to a few important changes we’re making to your Free Agora Financial subscriptions.

The first, and most immediate change you’ll notice is: you will not receive another one of your Free subscriptions until a specific time on Thursday, October 4, 2012.

This short interlude is the most notable of many improvements…

For over a decade, it’s been the mission of our flagship e-letter, The Daily Reckoning, to prepare you for the end of the “fiat currency” era… and the death of government financing by perpetual debt.

Along the way, we launched additional services to keep you abreast of developments in the financial markets and the economy at large. We’ve kept you ahead of the curve on emerging markets, new technologies… and special opportunities you can’t read anywhere else.

The program has worked fabulously and it’s been quite a ride.

Now in 2012, the Federal Reserve has launched indefinite “quantitative easing”… and the national debt tops an unsustainable $16 trillion. We believe we’re approaching the endgame.

Over the past few months, we have put together a plan to help you prepare for the approaching storm. And perhaps more importantly, help you position your money to take advantage of opportunities that are sure to unfold.

Today, I am revealing that plan to you. To begin with, we’re consolidating all our letters under the Daily Reckoning banner.  Then, starting Thursday, you can expect to receive your emails to arrive at a consistent hour every day:

New FREE Publishing ScheduleWe weighed the decision of not publishing your free eletters over the next two days seriously. But – as I hope you’ll agree – the long term benefit and reliability of our new publishing schedule will help you read, digest and benefit from your favorite writers will outweigh this minor annoyance.

Let me tell you about a few other important changes you’ll find taking place at the Daily Reckoning. We’re expanding our stable of contributors. Along with familiar names, you’ll meet new faces bringing you fresh perspectives — keeping you abreast of fast-moving changes in the markets.

We’re also introducing a few new features to the Daily Reckoning site that will make access to your favorite content easier and your user experience more enjoyable:

New Features on
We encourage you to give the new site a look and give the new features a test drive.  Once you’ve visited, watched our new instructional videos, listened to our special reports, read new contributors, shared an article or video with a friend or three… I’d like to hear what you think.

Email us your comments here or leave your comments below this article.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading!

Addison Wiggin
Executive Publisher, Agora Financial
Co-founder, The Daily Reckoning

P.S. Over the coming weeks I hope to get your feedback on how these changes have improved your DR experience. But just so you know, we have more in store for you.

In the next month we will revive an ‘ole favorite, the Daily Reckoning’s Rude Awakening. Long time readers may remember the early morning and often irreverent, “Rude.” It’s like hot coffee in the face of Wall Street, each morning.

Each issue of the Rude Awakeningwill spotlight a single investment opportunity from the Agora Financial editors — something the mainstream overlooks.

Then, we’ll launch a brand new free letter Tomorrow in Review. Each day, Tomorrow in Review will deliver tomorrow’s most promising technology breakthroughs, today.

In each issue of Tomorrow in Review, we’ll introduce you to the most lucrative “bleeding edge” tech and biotech advances – the disruptive technologies that will shape your world tomorrow.

As soon as these two new letters are ready for launch, we’ll let you know. Or bookmark the improving and evolving Daily Reckoning website for updates.

The Daily Reckoning