How Will Markets React to a Selloff?

Stocks suffered Wednesday, as the Dow shed 2.2% and S&P 500 lost 2.7%. Traders looking for a reason to take profits found their excuse in the worse-than-expected retail sales number.

“I’m very encouraged by this pullback,” our resource trader Alan Knuckman told CNBC this morning. “We’re coming back to a breakout point in the S&P 500. 875 is a pretty important level. Once we got through that, we had a nice acceleration, so we’ll see if that can hold.

“Regardless, the pullback is healthy for the overall market. It’s something that markets often do. It’s important to see how we recover after a big sell-off, which we haven’t really had yet. I need to see a day where everyone has negative opinions again. I want to see how the market reacts to a BIG push to the downside….”

When that big sell-off comes (and believe us, it will), Alan says, “Watch the next day or two. Will that pessimism overwhelm people again, or will people look at that as a buying opportunity? That will be more of a (market) indicator than anything.”

To get Alan’s full take on today’s market, you can check out his CNBC interview below.

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