Hezbollah Gaining Stature

How does that bible verse go? Flush out one demon, and seven more will return to take its place?

This sounds like the worst of both worlds. An Israeli commentator made a recent statement to the effect of, "If a scrawny lightweight (Hezbollah) goes twelve rounds with a heavyweight champion (Israeli army), it is the lightweight who has won, regardless of what the scorecard says."

So, now Hezbollah can claim victory on the propaganda side, and Iran can shell out big bucks for the marketing/reconstruction blitz that makes Hezbollah stronger than before (with oil money from Western pockets).

It's not hyperbole anymore – this situation really is bordering on insanity. What's to stop Iran from achieving every aim it has sought thus far?

Iraq falls into full-blown civil war, Iran emerges as peacemaker, asserts dominance over new political arrangements, Iraq equals the new Sudetenland. Is this far fetched, or wholly plausible?


The Daily Reckoning