"Gold awareness" increasing

Here's an indication that the bull market in gold might be about to transition from skepticism to optimism, well on its way to euphoria.

I wrote last November about the level of "gold awareness" — the degree to which the rising price of gold is on the minds of ordinary people.  At the time, gold awareness was quite low.  But that's starting to change.

In the last three weeks, I've seen two outfits advertising on TV urging people to cash in their old gold jewelry, coins, etc.  There are probably others, too.  Now that's something I don't think has happened since the last gold top in 1980.

It's a real change in public consciousness.  But I doubt it signals a top.  Much of what I wrote in November is still true, although it's starting to shift:

Simply put, gold is nowhere on the radar of Joe Average right now. 
And for Joe Investor watching CNBC, it might be on the radar, but only
as ground clutter.  Suggest protecting his wealth by buying gold, or
goosing his portfolio with some well-chosen mining shares, and he'll
look at you as if you have two heads.

And perhaps that's understandable.  Gold's had a terrific run-up in
recent years… but in current dollars those 1980 highs translate to nearly $2200 today. 

Joe Investor won't sit up and take notice until at least $1000.  And Joe Average, perhaps $2000.

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