Give Your Book Away For Free, Make More Money

We’re back on the self-publishing beat today…

In today’s episode, you’re going to learn about two fantastic services you should consider if you’re self-publishing a book.

Even if you’re not writing a book, if you’re an avid reader you’ll love these websites too. They’re how you can find some of the world’s best “hidden” authors in the world — and even read their books for FREE.

One will allow you to connect with more readers than you ever thought possible — and create lasting relationships with those who love you work.

Another will allow you to get your book idea funded… even if you only have the first chapter written.

Before I show you the first service, let’s recap last Monday’s issue…

Last Monday, we gave you our foolproof process for becoming a successful self-published author.

It’s the same process we used for our Ebola pandemic guide, which has reached over 13,000 people in only a little over a week.

If you follow it step-by-step, yes, you’ll sweat a little.

But if you follow through with these steps, your book is going to be a cut above the rest.

As we said last week, very few authors are taking their book to this level. If you do it, you’ll be a step ahead of the herd on Amazon.

Last week, we also talked about how important it is to give away a good chunk of your work for free…

The more content you’re giving away for free, the more aware people are going to be of you and your work.

In order to sell lots of books, you must get as many eyeballs as possible. It’s a pure numbers game.

This is just one thing giving your work away for free can do.

Here are seven reasons from author Bryan Hutchinson on why you should give much of your content away for free…

  1. “Generate word of mouth and become a known author.
  1. “Generate reviews faster than waiting for people to hopefully buy it, which, of course, can take a long time if you are an unknown.
  1. “Most people love to reciprocate generosity, it’s built into our DNA!
  1. “How many people download the free copy helps you estimate what your real market reach is.
  1. “Attract readers to your website and to any other books you may have published or will publish.
  1. “Exposure, exposure, exposure….
  1. “Finally, if your book is good and resonates with the people who downloaded it, this will help generate sales after the promotion. Sales you would not have had otherwise.”

What to give away? And where?

You can give away the first chapter… a small section… or even the whole book for a limited time.

As for where to give away your book, you should consider using one website called Story Cartel.


Founded by Jeff Goins and Joe Bunting, Story Cartel is, says the website, “about using the power of social media and generosity to help your book spread to the hands of readers who love great books.”

It’s a way for you to give your book away for a limited time to readers in exchange for reviews.

It’s also, as an added bonus, a way to read free books.

When readers download your book, they will, in return, leave you an honest review. Not only is this great feedback for your writing, but these are also reviews you can use to push your book later (if they’re good reviews, of course).

One other thing: When someone downloads your book, you’ll also receive their email address. If you find a group of people who love your work, they will more than likely buy other books from you in the future. And you’ll be able to keep them in the loop.

Check out Story Cartel at:

The next service I’ll show you will allow you to raise money to write your book — even if you haven’t written more than just the first chapter.

Our second service is one you can use to raise funding for your book…

Even before you write the second chapter.

It’s called Pubslush.

It’s a crowdfunding platform for authors and publishers.

Pubslush is a way for you to raise money so you can write and publish your book. If the idea is good enough — and if people want to read it badly enough — they’ll essentially pre-order from you so that you can finish it.

It works whether you’re planning on becoming a publisher or are just an independent author.

Let’s take the example of one Pubslush user, a book publisher named Liberty Island.

“Liberty Island,” says the funding page, “publishes fiction, pop culture, and more fun stuff for conservatives, libertarians, and contrarians.”

[If your book fits in this framework, they are currently accepting submissions, right here.]


With Pubslush, Liberty Island was able to raise money to switch from being just a magazine to becoming a full-blown book publisher.

But, as mentioned, you don’t have to be a book publisher to use Pubslush.

Take another example, Janna Leyde who wrote He Never Liked Cake.

The book is a memoir, the description reads, about “one girl’s journey after her father suffered a traumatic brain injury the summer she turned 14.”

And by using Pubslush, Janna received over $15,000, just for showing readers her first chapter.


That money will go toward writing, publishing, printing and shipping books to readers who funded her venture.

This money could mean the difference, though, between talking about writing that book — and actually doing it.

Both of these services are easy to use and set up.

And they’re only a small part of what you’ll find in our upcoming Laissez Faire’s Guide to Self-Publishing.

Again, use these valuable tools and you’ll be ahead of the self-publishing curve.

We’ll dig deeper on the last — and most important — secret in next week’s self-publishing missive.


Chris Campbell
for The Daily Reckoning

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