From the Desk of Addison Wiggin

Dear Reader,

For the past six years, we at The Daily Reckoning – and more recently, at Whiskey and Gunpowder, The Rude Awakening and Penny Sleuth – have tried our hardest to do what we do best: to entertain you, dear reader, while hopefully providing you with some information and insights into the goings-on of the financial world, and the world at large.

We suppose we’re doing a pretty good job – our readers often ask how they can show their appreciation for the knowledge they’ve gained through reading these free e-letters.

“Let us take you out for a drink if we come through Baltimore,” they often offer…and who are we to pass up a free cocktail?

But what about those of you who most likely will never take us out for a drink? Where does that leave you? Never fear, we have just the thing – a virtual bar. So, instead of trekking out to one of Baltimore’s hotspots (which, admittedly are few and far between), you can just click on the link below and buy me, or any of our contributing editors, a nice adult beverage.

You choose what drink you want to buy – after all, it’s your treat (but I do prefer Shiraz).

In return, you’ll get to see your name (and link) here for an undetermined amount of time. For those of you with sites you want to promote, you can refill my virtual wine cellar every month, and be listed at the top of the page as a “sponsor.”

Sounds like a win-win situation to me. The Desidooru Saloon is now open.


The Daily Reckoning