Financial First Responders discuss whether US has become "Too Sexy to Survive"

Originally posted on RT’s Capital Account:

As stocks fall, volatility spikes, perceived safe haven yields hit record lows, potential criminal Libor charges loom, and headlines tout “Global Economy in Worst Shape Since 2009,” a large group of investors are meeting in Vancouver for the Agora Financial conference. The theme of the conference is ‘Innovate or Die: Empire at a Turning Point.’ We check in with the organizer, Eric Fry, Editor of the Daily Reckoning and Chief Investment Strategist at Agora Financial to find out why high profile investors and economic experts see such high stakes and what answers they may have.

Also, with new lows for treasury yields, the US government has never borrowed this cheaply. We talk to Eric Fry about what the indebted US may learn from the extinction of the Irish Elk.

The Daily Reckoning