Federal Government Provides Entitlements at the Cost of Collapse

The year 2010 has America reeling on the brink of total, disgusting, annihilation, whether the D.C. Gang admits it or not. Look at us. We have debts, currently at close to $13 trillion, and committed spending of $170 trillion, both amounts far too large to comprehend. We have borrowed and borrowed from the citizens, China, and anyone else who will lend. The more we borrow, the more we owe, and the more interest which will accumulate. The lenders are now having second thoughts about lending us more. Without the loans, we are lost, and may be lost eventually anyway. It used to be that the income tax paid for our expenses, but now it doesn’t even pay the interest we owe each year. We cannot ever pay the debt, which grows larger each minute.

We have managed to create enemies around the world by interfering in others’ business, lifestyles, and politics, especially in Muslim nations. Why are we in Afghanistan, and Iraq? Why are we responsible for millions of innocents being put to death in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea? Did any of these nations harm or threaten us? It goes back to economics again, because those wars have reduced the value of our dollar so much, that it will buy but perhaps 10% of what it bought before Korea. The devaluation of the dollar has made saving in it stupid, but most still do. We have decapitated cities, jobs and manufacturing gone overseas, and a huge underclass. How did it happen?

Several things happened, and not just when FDR came into office. They all have been committed by…the federal government. Every single problem or situation we have now, in this once land of the free and home of the brave, was instigated by the federal government and the Congress and Presidency which operates it. The concept of public schools, and for that matter ‘public’ anything, is certain to lead to corruption, inefficiency, huge costs, and little accomplished. Would you rather use a private bathroom, or a public rest room? The concept of public schools, arose from the usual reasons, which politicians always use, and that is ‘for the public good.’ ‘Everyone should have an education!’ Everyone should be rich too, and have a car, nice home, ample food, vacations, free air travel, and admission to movies and amusement parks also. But everyone isn’t going to get those things, at least for now, so why should government make taxpayers pay for and force attendance to a public school? Public schools are a disaster, simply because they are ‘public,’ and everyone thinks they are ‘free.’ Before public schools, America was infinitely better educated than it is now. Check out a McGuffy’s Reader of 125 years ago, and see for yourself.

Voting used to require people to be able to pass a literacy test and pay a small poll tax before they were allowed to vote. This sifted out those who were unable to make a good decision, or even know what they were voting for, and the poll tax paid for the cost of the election. When the voter rights act was passed, do-gooder liberals invaded poor sections of America. As a result, we had, and have even more now, inept voters, who always vote for the Democrat who promises the most largess from the public treasury. This takes us back to economics again, and a huge debt. America has a crop of politicians in office, who are an absolute disgrace, because of the overwhelming number of inept, low IQ, un-educated, voters. What is wrong with a voter being able to know what’s going on, and to have to pay a dollar or so to be able to vote? As an addition, why not require a voter to prove he has a job, or even own property?

When FDR and his Democrats passed Social Security, which has naturally become a habit-forming nightmare, Americans forgot how to prepare for the future, and Social Security will be with us forever. Its cost will escalate infinitely, and is already bankrupt, with not a single dime in the till. A nightmare conceived by politicians, because everyone ‘needs to have a good retirement,’ which is the same as saying, “everyone needs an education.” The result of both is a disaster. What everyone ‘needs,’ and what our Constitution says government should do, are opposites. People should have to work for what they “need,” and not have it given to them, because it destroys the mind and incentive when they are given what politicos have told them they “need.” For every freebie or subsidy, the deficit grows larger, and collapse grows nearer, which will bring on violence. Try to get out of the big cities before the inevitable happens.

The public school idea, has proven to be a disaster of titanic proportions, but no one knows how to stop it or tame it. It’s that way with all supposedly important and needy things, such as food and health care, to name two more examples. When Medicare was passed in 1965, because ‘everyone needs to have good health,’ the camel got its foot in the tent, and now he is in the tent, and the medical system will go down the tubes. Medicare, was simply the first step towards what Obama, Democrats, and probably too many RINO Republicans want, and that is what Canada, the UK, and other socialistic nations have, and that is total government medical care. This will mean that America will no longer be the primary discoverer of new drugs, and have the world’s best hospitals and doctors. We’ll just be another cog oin the big wheel of socialism, communism, and totalitarianism, or total government.

When the first public housing was built in 1937, because “people need to have a place to live,” that spelled the ruin of our cities, caused white flight, huge oil consumption for commuting, expensive, taxpayer paid for highways, air pollution, frayed nerves, billions of hours wasted in travel time, and lost tax base in the cities. There will always be public housing now, because no one could possibly do away with it. Those people vote for their Democrat representatives and senators.

When food stamps were started in 1972, because ‘poor people need to eat,’ another cog in the communistic wheel of total government was cast, and it will never go away. I haven’t even mentioned the income tax and Federal Reserve, which was sneaked into law in 1913. (The word “snuck” is terrible grammar, and far too many use it!). The Federal Reserve, which is not ‘federal,’ and has no ‘reserves,’ caused the great depression, as well as the one we are currently in, but no one in D.C. has the guts to look at the fed, and realize that it has helped to kill America. The 16th Amendment (income tax) was not legally ratified, but the Supremes say it was, even though absolute proof exists that its ratification was totally unconstitutional. Two volumes in my possession, titled, “The Law That Never Was,” volumes one and two, give every state’s vote, and every single detail of that state’s vote for the 16th Amendment, and this unequivocally proves that it was never constitutionally passed. So we continue to pay, and probably always will. No one in D.C. has the guts to stand up and say ‘ENOUGH.”

If all these things were immediately stopped dead in their tracks, we would have mass rioting, which we might have anyway, when the debt problem causes a dollar melt-down. There may be ways to correct it still, if the Tea Party Movement gets really into gear. Here’s how it could happen if the right politicians got into office.

(1) Prohibit any new entries into Social Security, but allow those in it already to continue. Give a refund of all that was put in, for citizens under the age of 30. That would rid us of it in 32 years.

(2) Prohibit any new entries into Medicare, and refund all that those under 30 have put in, plus abort the new Obamacare law.

(3) Eliminate all federal subsidies for public schools, public housing, and public anything. Let the states decide what to do, and what to tax.

(4) Gradually eliminate 90% of federal bureaucracies, beginning with immediate removal of the Department of Education. Want a shocker? Google “Federal bureaucracies and agencies,” and you’ll be amazed at the nonsense that goes on in D.C.

(5) Eliminate all federal mandates to states, counties and cities. These cost taxpayers lots of dollars, and are throttling their legitimate functions.

(6) Naturally, bring all the troops home, and declare total neutrality, which might bring a semblance of sanity to D.C.

(7 to 100) you name it!

We are at a time in history, when it might be possible to save America from the natural progression of things throughout the history of all nations and civilizations, which seem to have had a lifespan of about 200 years. We’re way past that. It will be difficult, seeing the low quality of voters who always vote for the Democrat who promises them the most. We got the low quality because of the above. To win, the thinkers and logical, patriotic citizens, must out-vote those who are hooked on handouts, Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, public schools, and public housing. It will not be an easy job! There is so much wrong here, all caused by ever growing government. Mistakenly, people look to government to fix things, but government not only makes things worse, but creates ever more destructive laws, bureaucracies, and mandates, which have destroyed America. Ten years ago, would any American have thought we’d have a couple dozen “Czars?”  Chin up, protect yourself, and go to one of 2,000 Tea Parties today!

Don Stott
Whiskey & Gunpowder

April 16, 2010

The Daily Reckoning