DR TV alert

Kevin Kerr from Resource Trader Alert will discuss food inflation tonight on CNBC's Kudlow & Company at 7 PM EDT.  By way of a preview… He's hearing bad things on U.S. farm field conditions.  A sample from his recent reader emails…

Just wanted
to let you know what I saw traveling the western part of Ohio on Friday.  I drove west out of Columbus, Ohio so I could find some dry weather to golf. 
Drove 2 hours on I-70 into Indiana.  From the Indiana border I
only got about half-way to Indianapolis before we got
out of the rain and stopped to golf.  For this entire distance I did not see a
single field that looks like it has been touched this spring.  Usually in Ohio
by the time I can golf there is field work going on hot and heavy, but none yet.
Says Kevin, "Still sounds pretty bad out there.  Expectations for tonight's crop progress report
are expected to only show about 2-3% of corn in the ground.  That is way below
what it should be."
Kevin heads to Minnesota and Wisconsin to check out conditions for himself later this week. 
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