Do you have a paddle?

As I write, the major U.S. stock indices have opened down a half-percent or so.  Traders are trying to get a grip on the latest pronouncements from Fed governors who are making it pretty clear more rate cuts are on the way.

Not that that's any big surprise, but the euro has hit a record $1.50, the dollar index is threatening to break below 74 for the first time, gold has hit a new high, and oil briefly broke $102.  In this crazy day and age, those developments aren't necessarily bearish for stocks… but they're certainly not bullish either.

It's a perfect time to apply a "paddle strategy" with stocks — a strategy that governments have tried to ban at least three times.  And you can apply this strategy free for three months — but only if you take advantage of a special offer before midnight tonight.

The Daily Reckoning