Democratic and Republican Views at Comedic Loggerheads

First, the politicians appeared on the comedy shows… and now the comedians and talking heads can themselves represent the political debate. The laugh-ability of politics is almost getting too serious, or the other way around? At least it’s often funny, like this memorable moment:

Jon Stewart: Once you allow in a vacuum of power, what will assume power in Washington are special interests and lobbyists. So, if you allow too much nitpicking on the edges of legislation by lobbyists, it will necessarily turn into a type of lobbyist gruel.

It’s mostly political bantering like the above, but at about minute 21:55 it gets into the banking bailout and whether or not President Obama, and the country, is now socialist. The discussion even ranges as widely as touch upon Dr. Ron Paul, the costs of war, and the Tea Party movement.

This clip came to our attention via Posterous. The unedited video of Jon Stewart interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor is below.

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