Darkening Storm Clouds on the US Civility Horizon

Today, a new post on our friend Barry Ritholtz’s blog looks at Jack Cafferty’s new CNN Question of the Hour: What are the chances the US economy could eventually trigger violence in our country?

A few choice quotations help explain the perspective:

  • “A new CNN poll suggests 48 percent of Americans think the country is headed for another Great Depression in the next 12 months.”
  • “If our economy doesn’t turn around, and people don’t start feeling optimistic about their futures again, we could be headed for some ugly scenarios.”
  • James Carville remarked, “The current economy is so bad, there’s a heightened risk of civil unrest unless things begin changing for the better.”
  • “In the most recent jobs report, last Friday, more than half of the private sector jobs added were at McDonald’s.”

Some viewer reactions point out challenges with wealth disparity in the nation, as well as with increasing prices of gas, groceries, and other basic items as the ingredients of “a crumbling nation.” You can view more details in the video below which came to our attention via a Big Picture blog post on how the handling of the economic crisis may lead to civil unrest.

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