Climate Emergency!

The United States president, Biden, may soon declare a climate “emergency” — by next week perhaps.

Our spies have informed us of it. And these spies seldom err… in our experience at least.

Affirms the Heartland Institute:

President Joe Biden and the UN are likely to declare an “official” global climate emergency next week. All the signs are there. The chatter, and the behind-the-scenes maneuvering. The UN’s website now has a climate emergency page. Biden the other day stopped short, but when the new temperature numbers are issued on Aug. 15 by NOAA, that may be all the justification Biden needs. The “melting in Antarctica and the supposed subsequent sea level rise” will be another, and Lahaina in Maui burning to the ground will be cited as yet another.

The above passage cites fresh temperature measurements issuing yesterday, Aug. 15.

What did these measurements reveal?

Earth’s on Fire!

The most sweltering July in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 174-year record.

NOAA further reports that the initial seven months of 2023 are the third-roastingest on record.

What does the agency project for the year’s remainder?

It gives nearly 50% odds that 2023 will stand as the warmest on record.

What is more, NOAA informs us that oceanic temperatures have posted record heights — for the fourth-consecutive month.

The above passage likewise cites the sweating of Antarctic ice and its subsequent sea level raising.

And once again NOAA yanks the alarm:

July 2023 set a record for the lowest global July sea ice extent (coverage) on record. Globally, sea ice extent in July 2023 was about 470,000 square miles less than the previous record low from July 2019.

Antarctic sea ice coverage ranked lowest on record for a third-consecutive month, running about 1 million square miles — roughly the size of Argentina — below the 1991–2020 average…

The Arctic sea ice extent for July 2023 ranked as the 12th smallest in the satellite record, about 220,000 square miles below the 1991–2020 average.

We Must ACT NOW!

Thus the data authors the warrant for a climate emergency declaration — that is, to those who want one declared.

It represents their chance.

Thus Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) shrieks:

“We need to take action immediately or else it will get even worse.”

And Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) screams:

The climate is in crisis, and it’s not up for debate. We must declare a climate emergency & act before more lives are lost.

Meantime, Britain’s Guardian stamps its feet.

In its pages, climate scientist and author Peter Kalmus thunders that the administration must “declare a climate emergency” — and that it “must do so now.”

Here we cite but some examples. Many others exist.

All demand an immediate scramble.

“So What?”

“So what?” is your retort. “What does any of this have to do with me?”

Here is what a climate emergency declaration means for you: privation.

The Heartland Institute:

In a plausible scenario, we could see gas rationing, restrictions on electricity use and limits on air travel. Enjoy steaks? Well, you can forget those.

Your editor does enjoy steaks. Kind heaven no… must he forget them?

He also enjoys unrationed gasoline and electricity.

We hazard you enjoy them as well. Are you prepared to go on short rations?

Yet these rationings may merely represent the initial phases, the camel’s nose under the tent, the wedge under the door.

Are “climate lockdowns” to follow?

COVID, the Sequel

Watch out, warns U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart:

If you grant the president’s emergency powers to declare a climate emergency, it’s just like COVID.

[It would give him] vast and unchecked authority to shut down everything from communications to infrastructure.

They can literally do exactly what they did in COVID. If you disagree with the climate emergency, [speech] can be shut down.

We really need to be paying attention to that because that power could be extended indefinitely until the ‘climate emergency’ is over.

Who knows how long that would last.

We have the answer to your question, Mr. Stewart.

The governing authorities will declare the climate emergency over on the third Wednesday of the 11th month after the 87th blue moon following Christ’s return.

We will be gobsmacked and astonished if it ends one day sooner.

Would it stun you if the daughter of World Economic Forum kingpin Klaus Schwab has gushed that “climate lockdowns” loom?

She has.

Paradise Is on Fire

Will the president issue this climate emergency declaration? Again, our spies inform us he likely will.

He will likely cite the hellfires presently scorching Paradise.

The Hawaiian Island of Maui is — after all — aflame. You have seen the images.

Yet it is not the Hawaiian island of Maui alone that is aflame.

Portions of California, Oregon, Canada and elsewhere are similarly engulfed.

And throughout the world thermometers are shattering under vertical mercurial pressure.

These facts he will mention — or so we hazard.

Why is Earth presently down with a fever?

The answer widely on offer is climate change.

That is, human-induced climate change.

The superabundant exhalations of industrial civilization — carbon dioxide — are giving Earth sweats.

To question the theory is to question the reality of Genesis… the Russian sabotage of American presidential elections… indeed, of gravity itself.

Yet is it true? What if this year’s weather is the manifestation of natural phenomena?

40 Trillion Gallons of Water Vapor

In January 2022 an undersea volcano near the Pacific island of Tonga underwent a savage detonation.

Scientists presently estimate that the detonation vomited some 40 trillion gallons of water vapor into Earth’s upper atmosphere.

40 trillion gallons!

Our scientific advisers inform us that water vapor is a far, far mightier greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Water vapor accounts for perhaps 70% of the greenhouse effect, we are told.

Carbon dioxide — meantime — accounts for merely 25%.

And last January 40 trillion gallons of water vapor were turned upon the higher atmosphere.

We were informed of one scientific study claiming the inundation elevated the water vapor content of the stratosphere by up to 15%.

This study projects that the inundation may elevate Earth’s average temperature. By how much?

By up to 0.035° Celsius (0.063° Fahrenheit) over the next five years.

Might this sudden water vapor inundation explain this year’s weather?

By our own admission we lack all scientific credentials. Yet we find the water vapor theory plausible.

More plausible, indeed, than the human-induced theory.

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

And if the water vapor theory holds water — do you get it? — how can a climate emergency declaration reverse it?

By our reckoning the answer is in no way whatsoever.

It is a phenomenon of nature — not a phenomenon of man.

And for this they would ration our gasoline and our electricity? They would lock us down?

They would venture so far as to strip us of our steak?

Yet the climate zealots and various “globalist elites” detect their chance. They believe we have a crisis on our hands.

And as a certain Rahm Emanuel once counseled:

Never let a crisis go to waste…

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