City Manager of Bell, CA, Earns $800,000 -- Twice President Obama's Salary

This week, Bloomberg reports one of the poorest areas in Los Angeles County, the City of Bell (population of 38,000), erupted in protest after word spread its city manager earns about $800,000 per year, or nearly twice the salary of the US president.

Exorbitant pay is a rampant problem in the pint-sized city, where the police chief earns almost $460,000 — more than the police chief of the City of Los Angeles (population of 3.8 million) — and council members make roughly $100,000 for the part-time work of meeting twice a month. This all takes place in a California city with a per-capita income of $24,800 in 2008. It’s yet another example of the wise and efficient allocation of taxpayer dollars… right.

You can view a clip of the story below, read more details at Bloomberg, or visit The Daily Bail, where this post came to our attention.


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