Chavez weakening?

What might it take to break the mesmerizing hold that Hugo Chavez has on the people of Venezuela?  His socialist measures are destroying his country's oil industry and overall economy, yet he holds his people in thrall, a situation Alvaro Vargas Llosa convincingly argued last year is a case of nationwide Stockholm Syndrome.

The answer might be an escape by one of the country's best-known political prisoners.

Dan Amoss from Strategic Investment passes along word from Stratfor that a former provincial governor imprisoned by Chavez broke free at the start of the month — a major embarassment for Chavez at a time he might well have overplayed his hand by attempting to rewrite Venezuela's constitution with no input from the parliament.

How might Chavez respond?  Stratfor has the answer behind its subscription wall…But it's also extending a generous offer to DR readers to join up at half the usual price.

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