CEOs Overseas: The Trend of the Decade

Nearly one out of every five S&P 500 companies now generates a majority of its sales overseas, we noted earlier this week in the second “beta” issue of Apogee Advisory. Coca-Cola is perhaps the iconic example: 74% of its revenue comes from outside the States.

This could be one reason that 54% of US executives surveyed by the search firm Korn/Ferry say they’d be willing to accept a post overseas. That compares with just 37% four years ago.

Overseas Revenue for US Companies

Companies with a very large overseas presence, especially in emerging Asia, stand to be among the best performers among the blue chips in the years ahead. They’re exposed to healthier business environments overseas. And they’ll be insulated from the shock of a weakening dollar.

Addison Wiggin
for The Daily Reckoning

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