Celente on the State of the Union as Political Theater

In an interview on Russia Today, Gerald Celente, founder and director of The Trends Research Institute, gives his thoughts on President Obama’s State of the Union address from yesterday. While the president sought to stir up some of his original hope aura, Celente found the speech long on optimism, short on realism, and riddled with inconsistency.

A few highlights are paraphrased directly below, and the actual segment is underneath…

  • Celente on Obama now hating bank bailouts – He says how much he hates it, but they are reappointing the biggest banker in the world, Ben Bernanke. They say the lie over and over again, until people believe it. There’s no evidence that if these banks failed, the world would have collapsed. Instead, capitalism would have worked as it was supposed to… The system has to clean itself, it has to cleanse itself, you can’t keep propping up failure. The only people who are emboldened by failure, and are promoted, are politicians and bureaucrats like Bernanke.
  • On jobs and revamping the economy – He’s like a coach at half time in the locker room with a team that’s behind. How could he compare the US to these other countries? China has $2.5 trillion in reserves, they can afford to boost their economy. They are the number one exporter in the world. And Germany, they are number two. The US is $12 trillion in debt. These are lines he’s throwing out to people who don’t know any better.
  • His conclusion – This is just theater, that’s all it is. You know the saying, politics is the world’s second oldest profession… all you had to do was watch last night’s political theater. It’s not only Obama, they did this under Bush, under Clinton, this is just to get the crowd riled up, and to make it seem like they’re doing something.

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