Biting the hand that feeds you

Vice President Cheney's approach to energy policy has come under blistering attack — from his own investment manager.

That would be GMO's Jeremy Grantham, who according to an article at The Street, just emailed a report to all of his clients — including the veep — called "While America Slept, 1982-2006: A Rant on Oil Dependency, Global Warming, and a Love of Feel-Good Data."

Cheney isn't singled out by name, but there's no need:  "Successive U.S. administrations have taken little interest in either oil substitution or climate change, and the current one has even seemed to have a vested interest in the idea that the science of climate change is uncertain…The U.S. is the only country in which environmental data is steadily attacked in a well-funded campaign of disinformation (funded mainly by one large oil company)."

No word yet if the veep is scouting out a new investment manager.

(Thanks Raw Story)

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