Betting on Gold a Bet Against Currency Management

While stocks have been going nowhere, guess what’s been going up. You know. Gold! That’s right, gold has been in a bull market for the last 10 years. And this year, gold is up 28%.

That’s a trend we like. Because it is long. Solid. And it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.


Because the world monetary system has a rendezvous ahead of it too…a rendezvous with destruction. Until that’s behind us, it’s still ahead of us.

“Wait a minute, Bill… How do you know the monetary system is going to crack up? You admit that you don’t get to read tomorrow’s headlines before everyone else.”

Good point.

Of course, we don’t KNOW anything. We’re just guessing. But it seems like a good guess. Let’s put it this way, it’s an extrapolation of current trends in which we have great confidence.

Ben Bernanke admitted this week that he didn’t see the problem coming. Which confirms what we knew all along – the people running US monetary policy have no idea what they are doing.

Gold is a bet against Ben Bernanke. It’s a bet against the feds. It’s a bet against a system that is corrupt and reckless. It’s a bet that the managers of a managed currency will sooner or later manage to mess it up.

Bill Bonner
for The Daily Reckoning

The Daily Reckoning