Barry Ritholtz on his new Bailout Skyline

Today we offer thanks to Barry Ritholtz for sharing his views… literally. He’s moved into a new office in Manhattan where he can look out at the city in almost every direction.

From The Big Picture blog:

“Over the past few weeks, I have walked through the space with real estate people, contractors, building reps, etc., and noticed something rather amusing: Out of every single office, I could see the offices of at least one major bailout recipient — some offices, I could see four!

Here’s his view of Bank of America:


The others include: Bear Stearns, Chrysler, CitiGroup, General Electric, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and UBS.

You can see all of his original pictures, which are worth a look, in a post on his bailout skyline. Also, take note that Barry Ritholtz will be returning to speak this year at Agora Financial’s Investment Symposium in Vancouver, July 20-23, 2010. You can find more details about how to see him in person here. Don’t forget, Agora Financial Reserve members attend free of charge.

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