America's Berlin Wall

So you're fed up with the curbing of Constitutional freedoms in America?  Repelled by the repeal of habeas corpus signed into law yesterday?  Looking to make an escape?  Or just looking to take a vacation out of the country?  You might want to think twice, because Homeland Security is drawing up plans that, according to travel writer Edward Hasbrouck, effectively give government the power to decide when you may travel overseas.

"Well, Mr. Dollar Bear, I see you write for a blog where there was a lively discussion last summer comparing the United States to Nazi Germany. Permission denied."

Not that it would ever actually work that way.  You'd just show up on a no-fly list and be given no reason.

Perhaps the Nazi comparison is a bum rap.  The prison-nation that was East Germany might be more appropriate.

(Thanks to George Ure .) 

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