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2010 Agora Financial Investment Symposium- Assault on Enterprise

Vancouver, BC
July, 2007

The time has come to make our annual trek to Vancouver. We’re not the only ones.

Tourists flock to Vancouver this time of year for all sorts of fluffy reasons — to beat the heat in the U.S… to take in the Celebration of Light fireworks festival… maybe amble around Granville Island or Gastown… or hop a seaplane to the Southern Gulf Islands…

But your editors and experts from Agora Financial are on a more serious mission.

Not somber, mind you. Libations will flow. Animated conversation will fill the halls. Madmen, prophets and sages will entertain us. After all, it’s the Eighth Annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium. And we couldn’t fit another chair in the room if we wanted to. It would be impossible not to have a good time.

But serious topics will be raised… serious opportunities presented… and serious money will no doubt be made in the next few weeks and months when everyone acts on the recommendations that will flow freely for the next three days from some of country’s top investment analysts.

Perhaps, like me… you’re on your way to Vancouver right now. After all, more than 700 of our closest friends will join us in our posh bunker. Few things quell worries of market downturns and ludicrous monetary policies more than reveling in the old-world class and charm of the Fairmount Hotel.

But even if you’re not joining us, I have some good news. We’re going to bring as much of the conference to you as we possibly can this week.

We’ve invited one of the more observant — and, well, nosy — financial writers we know to be your eyes and ears on the scene. Her name is Monica Day. Not only will she be anchored in the back of the room jotting down as much as she can of what is said during the conference… but we find that we see her out and about until all hours, discussing the ideas of the day with our editors and attendees. Yet she seems to remain sober enough to recall the details when writing her reports. Remarkable. If anyone can give you the inside scoop, we’re sure Monica can. You’ll get her daily reports delivered right to your inbox every day of the conference, starting tomorrow.

And there’s going to be no shortage of things to write about. After all, our conference theme this year is Rim of Fire: Crisis and Opportunity in the New Asian Era.

You might remember that last year we tackled another weighty topic — Investing in the Age of Empire. This year, we’re more convinced than ever that the wealth that kept the empire chugging along is moving East… and the more agile investor who can follow along will be the winner.

At first, we thought of it as “the China story.” The sleeping giant with 1.3 billion people woke up — and was very hungry for resources, recognition and respect.

Quickly, it became clear that it was a bigger story — one that had tentacles throughout Asia — as India, Thailand, Japan and other Asian countries ramped up the growth of their economies, as well.

Today, though the sun is setting slowly on America’s run as an empire… it’s rising fast in the East. Opportunity abounds. But it won’t be without its challenges.

The demand for enough raw materials and energy to keep pace with growth throughout the Pacific Rim far outpaces supply. The stock market and financial markets in these countries are more volatile than most investors are prepared to handle. And then there’s the issue of food — the one resource that can’t be overlooked when such a mammoth population needs to be fed.

No, the story of the New Asia has grown to ginormous proportions. Fortunately, we’ve got experts coming from four continents… and attendees representing 22 countries… assembled to put all the pieces of the puzzle together over the next four days. What is a complex conundrum of crisis and opportunity will become crystal clear by week’s end.

And I’m sure there will be no shortage of specific recommendations doled out. With investment experts on hand like Rick Rule… Kevin Kerr… Doug Casey… Mark Skousen… Chris Mayer… Steve Sjuggerud… our attendees stand to earn back over the next few months whatever they spent to attend the conference. Easily. Considering that last year’s conference yielded opportunities that soared 54%… 107%… 117%… 147%… and even 355% in just six months after the last conference ended… how could they not?

Unfortunately, our roving reporter is under strict orders not to reveal too many of the specific investment recommendations we’ll be hearing during the conference. But you can get them anyway if you take advantage of our special offer — good during the conference only — to order your own set of CD’s of the conference presentations at a reduced rate.

You see, every general session held over the next four days will be captured on audiotape. We’re even assembling all the recommendations that will be made during the more private afternoon workshop sessions into a special report.

Plus, you’ll have a distinct advantage over those of us who are here: the rewind button.

Listen to the sessions at your leisure. Pick and choose, or skip around to hear only the sessions that most interest you. Take notes at your own pace — and best of all, don’t miss a thing.

During the conference only, I can offer you a very special package…

Reserve your set of 2007 Symposium Highlights while the conference is under way and pay only $99. While the normal price for these will be $149 after the conference ends, having your order on hand lets us know how many we need to make as soon as we leave the hotel. So you’ll not only save $50 for ordering now, but your prompt order will assure that we won’t run out before your set is reserved.

And since we don’t want you to miss out on being here yourself next year, we’re throwing in a complimentary Bonus Gift: A $100 Gift Certificate to join us here in Vancouver next year, or to come to any conference offered by Agora Financial or our affiliated company Agora Travel in the next 12 months.

Here’s another way to look at this offer: We’re paying you $1 to send you this year’s conference in a box and to come to next year’s event in person.

I know… it’s kind of a crazy, no-lose proposition. And I haven’t even stopped by the hotel lounge yet…

But it’s only fair. I mean, 700 people might sound like a lot — and it is. But it’s only a fraction of the number who read our publications — and follow our editors’ insights, advice and recommendations — every single day. You deserve a chance to get in on the fruits of this event, too. Even if you couldn’t make it this year.

I can’t package and send you some of the best parts of the conference. Those are reserved for attendees. Like the wine tasting with our favorite Argentinean sommelier, Andres Rosberg — for Agora Financial Reserve members only. Or the private yacht that will escort us around the harbor and find the perfect view for the fireworks. Or the sneak preview of our documentary-in-progress.

But we’ll make sure you don’t miss out completely.

Just because the sun is setting on the American empire — there’s no reason to despair… and you even stand to profit. A significant and long-term opportunity is emerging from the East. And for four days, we’ll assemble the best and brightest minds we know to tell you how to make the most of it.

Addison Wiggin
Executive Publisher, Agora Financial

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